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According to my emails you have tons of questions about what is happening to your skin?

I am doing my best to get answers to help you with over fifteen years of experience studying skin issues and how our skin functions. In addition, my experience as a licensed esthetician and a Certified Professional Coder. You might know my skin disorder – rosacea.

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12 Ways Skin Care Benefits Your Health

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Provided is good quality content that is well researched along with links for support because we all need help now and then.

Whether you are searching for tips on the Dewy Skin look, products to help your eczema or why you blush you can find answers here.

You’ll find info about sun damage (sun bad) and conditions that require special tender loving care. You’ll discover awareness for everyone’s situation concerning their skin.

The Goal is Education to help you Look and Feel good!

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Special Blogs

Travel back in history like Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome and uncover their skin standards.

Blogs about stress relief for our busy lives. You should take time to practice self-care.

Skin Information

You can help get the word out about your concerns. Infographics are meant to be shared. These are great tools to pass on!

Here is a list of links for you that I have found through my research. My hope is to assist you in your search and cut out a few steps. If you want support we’ll find it.


Are you interested in our anatomy and how we work? Astonishing info is found here breaking down this complicating organ. Along with:

Our Hair

Our Nails

Our skin is a fascinating organ. Let's take this journey together.
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