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Hi, my name is Mary! If you are looking for advice on how to care for your specific skin condition or disorder, I’m here for you!


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Having rosacea I know what it’s like to have a skin disorder where others don’t exactly see “you”.

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This Blogging Journey

I launched this blog - All About Our Skin- in August of 2019 because I wanted to share my experiences and also provide skin care advice to you to look and feel better about yourself.

As a former licensed esthetician, I gained enjoyment by educating clients through spa work and I want to share this knowledge to help others. Completing a course in an Aveda beauty and wellness school really opened my eyes to this amazing organ we have.

But I didn’t stop there. I continued my studies in a more medical path in a billing and coding course where I also mentored other students. Although going back to school was an anxious time for me, I missed the learning process (another reason to start a blog?)

I’ve been blogging for a while and with the pandemic, I suddenly found myself with more time on my hands (blogging has kept my sanity). Not to mention I am learning so much about this new blogging path and happy to share skin info with you.


I won’t limit myself to writing only about my rosacea face (anxiety makes this worse) because I know you also have concerns and questions about other skin issues.

You’ll find guidance here, especially for young females who are lacking experience, looking for options or just stuck on the care of your skin. I’ve found that it’s best to take precaution now while you are young (not to say you can’t find helpful information no matter what age) to avoid skin problems later.

my cat


my cat


If you have a question or concern, I'll do my best to find the answer for you!

I’ve included links to support groups and infographics from top skin organizations and other informational links to pamphlets and brochures I found in my research.

Occasionally, life happens and this throws off my posting schedule a tad. Learning about your skin should be fun (I hope). I am searching for new areas to excite you like this niche does for me.

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Our skin is a fascinating organ. Let's take this journey together.
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