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Occasionally I have mentioned books in post or used them as a reference (oh I love my books). These have to do with our skin. They may be found here if you are interested (a book lover too!).


How the Body Works

Dr. Peter Abrahams

Copyright 2007 by Bright Star Publishing Metro Books 8-512 pgs

The book answers many questions about the anatomy and how things function. Categories are separated into sections. If you have ever wondered How our ear controls our balance; Bones of the foot; How bones are formed or How the eye focuses?

Likewise the book explains this in detail, drawings and colored pictures. Excellent reference for school or work or if you just have an interest in anatomy!


Ayurveda Cooking for Beginners

Author Laura Plumb

Copyright 2018 by Laura Plumb Rockridge Press, 220 pgs

This book has many basic recipes to build on. I love that it had recipes for CCF Digest Tea and the Summer Spice blend (my dosha). Oh, this book also has questions provided to figure yours out.

Recipes go by season and listed according to dosha. There are seasonal grocery list provided. Make homemade ghee and coconut milk. Contains other helpful tips as well. Great beginner book!

Practical Ayurveda

Authors Swami Sivadasananda, Swami Durgananda, and Swami Kailasananda

Copyright 2018 DK Penguin Random House, 224 pgs

It covers yoga, meditation, massage, food and home remedies tailored to your dosha. Don't know yours, there are questions provided. There is an herbs and spices chart and how these effect your dosha. Also about 10 recipes but I like that it covers many ayurveda subjects.


The Crystal Bible | A Definitive Guide To Crystals

Author Judy Hall

Copyright 2003 Godsfield Press, 400 pgs

A great reference covering over 200 crystals. There is great information on how crystals are formed and how to care for them. It contains beautiful pictures of colors and forms.

Each crystal comes with a chart listing color(s), appearance, rarity and source. Plus information on their attributes, healing and where to position them. At the back there is a listing of crystals and the zodiac, crystals and the chakras and more.


Anatomy of Fitness Yoga The trainer's inside guide to your workout

Author Goldie Karpel Oren

Copyright 2017 Hinkler Books Pty, 192pgs

My sister and I both like this book. It is spiral so pages can be folded back, 8-192 pgs. Explains yoga, breath control and nutrition.

Asanas are separated as standing or sitting. Each asana is broken down in steps and there are moderations. As well as anatomy drawings showing what area is worked on.

The correct form is stated and what to avoid. Along with level, duration, benefits and caution are given. Love the details!

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