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Braless do Breast Sag? What is the Effect? Free-boobing

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Last updated 02/20/2022

I guess I missed this with everything else going on. There was a social media campaign of a no bra day in October of 2020 to raise breast cancer awareness. Braless do breast sag?

You may still be switching from work to working from home. Maybe you have become accustomed to a new dress code. And as always there are the celebrities being followed.

So, is free-boobing a thing now with our new norm? I guess it’s a new twist to the feminist movement during the 60s. Certainly, it is more comfortable.

Have you ever really thought about how not wearing a bra affects your girls? I know it’s all about the freedom. But could it cause sagging or other side-effects?

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Breast Anatomy Concerning Sagging

First, let’s observe the physical side of things. Your breast tissue is only anchored to the muscular chest wall from the backside. Thus, it gives a source of stability.

So, the majority of your breast tissue is not supported. That explains by not wearing a bra they will bounce with aggressive movement and possibly hurt. In other words, going for a run would be best with a supportive sports bra.

Most importantly, it is beneficial to wear a bra when you are working out. Expert opinions differ when it comes to results on sagging. Over the long term the breast tissue could stretch and become saggy, no matter what breast size.

However, this is more likely depending on your breast density. If your breasts are more fatty sagging could occur. But, for smaller breasted females there are really no structural benefits with wearing a bra.

Braless do breast sag depends on other factors. Mainly, larger breast size.

 Causes of sagging breast:

  • Weight
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Smoking

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Breast Skin

Well, talking about just the skin there, going bra-free can be beneficial. Certainly, it can help if you are prone to skin irritation and breakouts. In conclusion, what you could experience includes redness, itching and an odor under your breast.

In short, you can have a buildup of sweat under your bra (after that run). That sweat can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. In addition, this can cause more yeast growth, inflammation and possibly a yeast infection.

But rest assured this doesn’t happen overnight and may take weeks and months to occur. And it involves other factors as well.

That is to say, not showering or wiping that sweat off the area after working out. As well as continuing to wear your sweaty bra like on a hot day. Likewise, with the yeast and breakouts, this could trigger and make things worse by covering with a bra.

To clarify, simply going braless won’t solve this skin issue. You will probably need a topical medication to take care of the yeast and breakout. Things should improve in a couple weeks.

Painful Breast

Aside from the aesthetics, not wearing a bra and having that support can develop into pain. This could be in the chest area as sharp or burning. Thus, causing mild or severe breast tenderness and tightness that continues hours, days or months.

Going braless for a couple weeks shouldn’t have a significant effect with sagging and pain. On the other hand, there is an issue with back pain. For instance, affecting those females with bigger (than C-cup) boobs.

For instance, wearing a bra if you have large breast helps with back pain and posture. The heavier the breast, the more strain on the muscles under your breast. Furthermore, this leads to pain in the chest, back and shoulders. Having a bra that provides enough support and fits right can alleviate any pain.

Mental Attitude

When the girls are hanging freely it’s easy to get caught up in the body related questions about sagging. As it can be pretty empowering not having a bra on (I hear ya). Therefore, it may be the first thing you remove after work when you are home.

However, if you are working at home and finding it hard to concentrate this could be the reason. It seems there is a connection with your performance and attention being impacted by your clothes. So, you may want to put the bra back on if your work performance has gone down. You know how confident you feel in clothes you love.

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History of the Bra

Yes, at times you may love them or hate them. However, you may spend the majority of your time in one during your life. Who do you owe this to?

The original was invented in 1889. Herminie Cadolle was a French inventor who came up with the first design. The undergarment was created after she fled to Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to My Cup Size Cadolle opened a lingerie shop here. Further, she came up with a 2-piece corset version.

That is the lower half held the stomach in. While the upper portion supported a woman’s breast accompanied with shoulder straps. To sum up, most corsets had no straps.

Cadolle would measure her customers for each piece and design accordingly. So, women were still allowed a corset that provided a custom fit. This offered an ideal garment for those bigger on top or vice versa those bigger in the waist.

She may be the first that has been recorded for the invention, but others played a role. American Mary Phelps Jacob was given the first American Patent of a brassiere. And many think of her as the creator of the modern bra.

In conclusion, Herminie Cadolle created a 2-piece undergarment. Her bra design included shoulder straps for support. And Mary Phelps Jacob’s style consists of silk handkerchiefs, ribbon and cord sewn to give the corset a comfortable option.

Why the invention? The majority of women had a strong dislike for the corset (can you blame them?).

Braless are there Benefits?

Some may just prefer a bra for one reason or another. There is the dependence on the security (covering perky nipples) or just the look it gives their chest. Wearing a bra adds a soft layer under your clothes.

Certainly, there is no wrong choice concerning what you do with your chest. But if it’s your desire to go bra-free there are some benefits and it’s also understandable if you don’t.

Benefits of no Bra

Reduces Pain

This might work for you or not. Some may actually find less pain not putting on a bra. Having one that doesn’t fit properly can cause shoulder, back and neck pain.

No Irritation

Likewise, those who occasionally like to save money or buy pretty ones (without support). A cheap or lacy bra can irritate your skin or nipples. So, tossing the brassier for a bit can be a relief.

Improve Circulation

When you ditch your bra, this can help your circulation. You know how things can be restricting when your bra is too tight. Further, your circulatory system can suffer a disruption. Most importantly, this reduces oxygen and nutrients from reaching your back and chest muscles.

When your bra is too tight it adds pressure on your nerves, muscles and blood vessels. That is to say, your shoulders, upper back and rib cage. For example, this can cause pain of a pins and needles sensation in your arms.

Fewer Headaches

By wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right or support your breasts something needs to hoist the extra weight. So, the muscles in your back and neck are forced to work harder. In short, pain, discomfort and even some headaches.

Thus, for the sake of your neck and back, if not your breast, get fitted for a bra. You don’t have to wear it all the time.

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Take a Breath

Surely you have seen corsets from the Victorian era. The poor woman had a time breathing in the thing and how uncomfortable. In short, this could be the case if it doesn’t fit right.

If you’ve ever worn an underwire you may have experienced some tightness against your chest and ribcage. So, in this case if you feel you can’t breathe the thing is just too tight.

You Sleep Better

Studies have shown you can improve your sleep by wearing less restrictive clothing to bed. Therefore, no bra and clothing that allows you to move freely.

Reduce Body Acne

You would need to wash your bra every single day to avoid dirt and bacteria (or put on a clean one). These can buildup and being in a hot environment with sweating can actually lead to fungal or bacterial infections.

Similarly, not wearing a bra would prevent it from rubbing sweat and bacteria to clog pores causing acne. In other words, if you are prone to suffer from this condition.

Saves Money

Let’s face it, a decent bra cost money these days. The more time you spend without one means they won’t get worn out so fast. So, save a little cha ching and treat yourself to a skincare product.

Wrapping it up

There are pros and cons to wearing a bra. It all comes down to proper fit.  And no, not wearing one doesn’t necessarily mean you will have sagging boobs.  To sum up, you can be comfortable and happy with or without.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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