Celebrities Who Have Skin Conditions


This list is not meant as an endorsement or promotion of any kind but simply to educate and pass on information. The lists is in no means to make someone feel ashamed or feel bad about themselves. Most of us have imperfections, it's ok.


Yes, even celebrities have skin conditions to deal with. Not even royalty is immune. Whos skin do you relate too? Always remember you are not alone.

If you know of a celebrity to add to any of these list please drop me a line! Or on the other hand maybe someone should come off still let me know.


Acne is basically a pretty common condition. However celebs have discussed this problem openly or are advocates with a product in mind.

  1. Britney Spears (America actress/singer) Gave several interviews and a caption on Instagram where she opened up about her struggles with acne when first appearing in movies.
  2. Jessica Simpson (American actress/singer) spokesperson Proactiv/
  3. Vanessa Williams (American actress/singer) spokesperson Proactiv/

Alopecia (hair loss)


  1. Tyra Banks (American supermodel/author and TV host) due to stress
  2. Keira Knightley (Actress/Model) from dyeing hair for years
  3. Viola Davis (American Actress) due to stress
  4. Selma Blair (American Actress) due to postpartum
  5. Neve Campbell (American actress) alopecia areata due to stress
  6. Naomi Campbell (Supermodel)
  7. Rosie O’Donnell (American actress/comedian) due to aging pattern baldness
  8. Ricki Lake (American actress/singer/talk show host)
  9. Jada Pinkett Smith (American actress and star of Facebook show)
  10. Sarah Hyland (American actress) due to Kidney Dysplasia
  11. Wendy Williams (talk show host)
  12. Jesy Nelson (singer Little Mix) alopecia areata due to stress
  13. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) traction alopecia
  14. Kristin Davis (American actress)


  1. David Bowie (English singer/actor) eye injury as child/pupils different sizes.
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Bad Teeth

Who I ask you has absolutely perfect natural teeth? You know, I mean they were born with them.

  1. Emma Watson (English Actress/model/activist) While filming Harry Potter she had to wear partial dentures to cover gap because her baby teeth started falling out.
  2. Winston Churchill (statesman/army officer/British Prime Minister of United Kingdom 1940-1945 & 1951-1955, 1874-1965) famous lisp, because of numerous lost teeth he wore partial dentures. His dentist made these specially to keep his well-known lisp.
  3. Clark Gable (American actor 1901-1960) He suffered from chronic bad breath and severe periodontitis in his early 30s Clark Gable had to have his teeth removed and replaced by dentures.
  4. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (American-Chilean reality television personality/ author) full set for cosmetic reasons. Has appeared as spokesperson for Polident.
  5. Gary Busey (American actor) had a serious motorcycle accident in 1988. Dental surgery to replace missing teeth is usually a necessary procedure after an accident like this.
  6. Hank Williams, Jr. (American country singer/musician/songwriter) has dentures since he fell off of Ajax Mountain in 1975. It knocked most of his teeth out. It took several visits to the dentist for his reconstructive surgeries.
  7. Boris Karloff (English actor 1887-1969) had partials on one side of his mouth these he would remove depending on what the director wanted.
  8. George “Gabby” Hayes (American actor 1885-1969) had bad teeth pulled, he would take his dentures out to get laughs.
  9. Montgomery Clift (American actor 1920-1966) lost his teeth in a car accident and had to wear dentures.
  10. George Washington (First President of U.S. 1732-1799) Problems with his teeth throughout life wore a full set of dentures by the age of 57. We have heard the history of his many dentures and the materials used.
  11. Ed McMahon (American TV announcer 1923-2009) Well known wore dentures
  12. Mike Tyson (American boxer) it seems he had them knocked out by pet tiger.
  13. Christie Brinkley (American former model/actress) broke two of her molars in a helicopter crash some years ago.  These were replaced with implants.
  14. Ed Helms (American actor) has been wearing dental implants for a while now. During filming for “The Hangover” he removed this for the shoot. His adult tooth never came in.
  15. NeNe Leakes (American television personality) admits purchasing a full set of veneers

Gaps and Crooked Teeth

  1. 50 Cent (American rapper) His front teeth used to have a gap. Open about his dental work.
  2. Anna Paquin (Canadian-New Zealand actress) has space between her front teeth and has no intention to fix this.
  3. Vanessa Paradis (French singer/model/actress) feels no need to fix the gap in her teeth because she was born with them
  4. Madonna (American singer/songwriter/actress) has small gap between two front teeth
  5. Anthony Davis (American basketball player) bottom teeth crooked lower front
  6. Charlie Sheen (American actor) has gold teeth
  7. Steve Buscemi (American actor/director) has crooked teeth
  8. Michael Strahan (American television host/journalist/former professional football player) has embraced his gap
  9. Jim Carrey (American Canadian actor/comedian/writer/producer/artist) fixed chipped tooth from grade school years ago
  10. Keyshia Cole (American singer/songwriter/actress/ television producer) veneers to close gap between teeth
  11. Jordyn Woods (American model) decided to fix gap
  12. Ricky Gervais (English comedian/actor/writer/producer/director) crooked teeth
  13. David Bowie (English singer/songwriter/actor) crooked teeth
  14. Kristen Dunst (American actress) crooked teeth
  15. Willem Dafoe (American actor) gap teeth created short film “Mind the Gap”
  16. Avril Lavigne (Canadian singer/songwriter/actress) misaligned teeth
  17. Jessica Pare (Canadian actress/singer) imperfect teeth
  18. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (American reality star) crooked teeth
  19. Victoria Beckham (English singer/fashion designer/television personality) uneven spacing and gap teeth as a child now has veneers
  20. Keith Urban (Australian country singer/songwriter) gap teeth front center
  21. Brad Pitt (American actor) had his front teeth chipped for his Fight Club character when the film was done, he had them restored.
  22. Abbey Lee Kershaw (Australian Victoria’s Secret Model/actress/musician) gap in front teeth
  23. Alek Wek (South Sudanese-British model/designer) never thought about fixing her trademark gap
  24. Brigitte Bardot (French actress/animal rights activist) broad gap-toothed smile never fixed
  25. Georgia May Jagger (English fashion model/designer) front tooth gap does not plan to fix
  26. Jerry Hall (American former model) crooked tooth
  27. Mick Jagger (English singer/songwriter/actor/film producer) a couple different times had a gem placed on his tooth
  28. Keith Richards (English musician/singer/songwriter) once superglue a missing tooth back into his mouth
  29. Lara Stone (Dutch fashion model) mainly given credit for starting gap-tooth modeling craze
  30. Lauren Hutton (American former 70’s supermodel) used wax to hide gap in shots, unique smile without wax became her trademark.
  31. Lindsey Wixson (American model) gapped front teeth
  32. Woody Harrelson (American actor) gap front teeth
  33. Dakota Johnson (American actress) used to have a gap between front teeth, but had it fixed.
  34. Elijah Wood (American actor) gap center top teeth
  35. Eddie Murphy (American actor) gap center top teeth
  36. Uzo Aduba (Nigerian American actress) gap center upper teeth
  37. Rachel Lindsay (American media personality) gap center upper teeth
  38. Seal (British singer/songwriter) gap center upper won’t get fixed
  39. Slick Woods (American fashion model/actress) gap center upper teeth
  40. Jewel (singer/songwriter/actress) crooked teeth not interested in fixing
  41. Melanie Chisholm (aka Sporty Spice British singer) bad teeth
  42. Eve Myles (Welsh actress) front gap upper


  1. Olivia Colman (English actress/narrator)
  2. Kristen Schaal (American actress/voice actress/ writer/ comedian)
  3. Lauren Lapkus (American actress/voice actress/comedian/impressionist)
  4. Eve Myles (Welsh actress and writer)
  5. Liv Tyler (American actress/former model/producer/singer)
  6. Freddy Mercury (British singer/songwriter/musician) genetic dental condition giving him 4 extra teeth
  7. Felicia Day (American actress/Producer/writer/web series creator) Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity & You’re Never Weird on the Internet
  8. Felicity Jones (English actress/producer)
  9. Alex Kingston (English actress)
  10. Esther Povitsky (American actress/comedian/writer/producer)
  11. Billie Piper (English actress/former singer)
  12. Toni Collette (Australian actress/producer/singer/songwriter)
  13. Collette (French author 1873-1954)
  14. Shelley Duvall (American former actress/producer/writer/singer)
  15. Cynthia Nixon (American actress/activist)
  16. Téa Leoni (American actress/producer)
  17. Milla Jovovich (American actress/ supermodel/fashion designer/singer
  18. Emma Stone (American actress)
  19. Minnie Driver (English American actress/singer/songwriter)
  20. Geena Davis (American actress/advocate/executive producer/former model)
  21. Parker Posey (American actress/musician)
  22. Kerry Washington (American actress/producer/director)
  23. Audrey Tautou (French actress)
  24. Miranda Hart (Actress/writer/comedian)
  25. Catherine Keener (American actress)
  26. Gwyneth Paltrow (American actress)
  27. Beverly D'Angelo (American actress/singer)
  28. J.K. Simmons (American actor)
  29. Allen Covert (American comedian/actor/writer/producer)
  30. Stacy Keach (American actor/voice actor)
  31. Clint Howard (American actor)
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Breast Cancer

  1. Olivia Newton-John (Australian singer/songwriter/actress/author) 1992 advocate Don't Stop Believin' (book)
  2. Christina Applegate (American actress)
  3. Sheryl Crow (American musician/singer/songwriter) 2006 DCIS
  4. Julia Lewis-Dreyfus (American comedian)
  5. Hoda Kotb (American international broadcast journalist/correspondent for Dateline NBC) 2007 How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee (book)
  6. Shannen Doherty (American actress) 2015 now in stage IV
  7. Wanda Sykes (American stand-up comedian/actress) 2011 ductal carcinoma in situ
  8. Robin Roberts (American co-anchor) 2007 triple-negative cancer speaks out
  9. Melissa Etheridge (American singer/songwriter/activist) stage II
  10. Sandra Lee (American Food Network star) 2015 DCIS filmed HBO documentary
  11. Giuliana Rancic (E! News co-anchor) 2011 early-stage breast tumor Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney's 32 On-Screen Rejections (book)

Dermatillomania or Excoriation disorder (Skin Picking)

  1. Tulisa Contostavios (English singer/songwriter/television personality/actress UK) Honesty Story So Far
  2. Elizabeth Hayt (Author/Journalist) has written for Elle

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPNS) type of Keratosis

  1. Morgan Freeman


black and silver digital device on pink and blue textile

Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Gabourey Sidibe (American actress/author) Type 2 diabetes, laparoscopic bariatric surgery, This is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare
  2. Tom Hanks (American actor) high blood sugar for years developed Type 2 diabetes
  3. Patti Labelle (American singer/songwriter/actress/cookbook author) diagnosed 1995 Type 2 diabetes , led to cooking
  4. Larry King (American talk show/radio host) Type 2 diabetes diagnosed 1995, involved in JDRF often speaks publicly
  5. Sherri Shepherd (American actress/cohost/comedian/author) Type 2 diabetes diagnosed in 2007, great news via Instagram!
  6. Billie Jean King (American former professional tennis champion) diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2007, blogged “Diabetes Has Met its Match” on dtfootwear.com
  7. Paula Deen (American former Food network star) diagnosed 2009 Type 2 diabetes, teamed with diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk “Diabetes in a New Light”.
  8. Randy Jackson (American former American Idol judge/singer/record producer) diagnosed 2003 Type 2 diabetes, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery teamed up with “Taking Diabetes to heart” Merck program. Recommends visiting colgate.com.
  9. Chaka Khan (American musician/singer/songwriter) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011 vegan diet
  10. Paul Sorvino (American actor/opera singer/writer) diagnosed 2006 type 2 diabetes along with his daughter have teamed up with sanofi-aventis U.S. as awareness program “Diabetes Co-Stars”
  11. Drew Carey (American comedian/actor/game show host) Type 2 diabetes low carb diet
  12. David “Boomer” Wells (American Former professional left-handed pitcher)diagnosed in 2007 type 2 diabetes

Type 1.5 Diabetes (aka LADA or Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)

  1. Valerie June (American singer-songwriter) diagnosed with type 1.5 diabetes at age 27 very open talking about diabetes in media interviews.
  2. Elizabeth Perkins (American actress) diagnosed with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) at age 44 and has been open about her early struggles with type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

  1. Mary Tyler Moore (American actress/producer 1936-2017) Type 1 diabetes age 33, advocate Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF), Growing Up Again: Life, Loves, and Oh Yeah, Diabetes
  2. Halle Berry (American actress/former model) Type 1 diabetes at age 22,lapsed into a diabetic coma, keto diet, ambassador National Diabetes Education-Diabetes Aware Campaign supported by Entertainment Industry Foundation and Novo Nordisk
  3. Nick Jonas (American singer/songwriter/actor) diagnosed Type 1 diabetes he wears an insulin pump, shares on Instagram, co-founder Beyond Type 1 organization to educate kids
  4. Jay Cutler (American former quarterback) diagnosed 2008 Type 1 diabetes, 2009 teamed with Eli Lilly and campaign “Touchdowns for Diabetes” funds diabetic camp scholarships. Visits hospitals across country.
  5. Bret Michaels (American singer/songwriter/musician/producer/actor) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at six years old. 2012 won Celebrity Apprentice and earned a quarter of a million dollars for the American Diabetes Association. Advocate for Insulin Affordability & Access Crisis, traveled for both ADA & JDRF. Organized Life Rocks Foundation for kids camp.
  6. Vanessa Williams (American author/actress/singer/Former Miss America) Type 1 Diabetes as adult. Author of diabetes book for children Healthy Child. Supports many diabetes charities.
  7. Nick Boynton (Canadian former professional ice hockey defenseman) diagnosed 1999 age 20 type 1 Diabetes wears insulin pump, visits DSkate Milton a hockey camp to educate young players with diabetes.
  8. Billy Talbert (American tennis player 1918-1999) Type 1 diabetes 10 years old
  9. Hamilton “Ham” Richardson (American tennis player 1933-2006) Type 1 diabetes
  10. Charlie Kimball (American IndyCar driver) diagnosed 2007 age 22, continuous glucose monitor, campaign Novo Nordisk’s Race with Insulin raise awareness.
  11. Sierra Sanderson (American Miss Idaho) Type 1 Diabetes has raised awareness (JDRF) she displays their insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in the spotlight.
  12. Wasim Akram (Pakistani cricket commentator/coach/former cricketer) diagnosed Type 1 diabetes age 30active in raising awareness.
  13. Max Domi (Canadian professional ice Hockey player) Type 1 diabetes diagnosed age 12. Book No Days Off: My Life with Type 1 Diabetes and Journey to the NHL. Established the Max Domi Fund for Type 1 Diabetes on behalf of Canadians with diabetes. Has a diabetic Alert dog named Orion.
  14. Bobby Clarke (Canadian former professional ice hockey center) diagnosed age 13, Type 1 Diabetes
  15. Pamela Fernandes (Athlete Tandem Cycling) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes age 4, legally blind at age 21, and had a kidney transplant 1987. American Diabetes Association’s National Spokesperson for the Diabetes Alert campaign and board member with Joslin Diabetes Center.
  16. Sara Groenewegen (Canadian former collegiate right-handed hitting softball pitcher) diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes age 9, she is an insulin pump user/does JDRF One Walks
  17. Kris Freeman (American former professional cross-country skier/athlete) diagnosed Type 1 diabetes age 19. He regularly attends and competes in JDRF and American Diabetes Association events.
  18. Sam Fuld (American former professional baseball Outfielder) diagnosed Type 1 diabetes age 10. Uses insulin pens. Active with JDRF and SlamT1D
  19. Kelly Kuehne (American retired professional golfer) Type 1 diabetes diagnosed age 10. Spokesperson for JDRF
  20. Brandon Morrow (American professional baseball relief pitcher) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in high school, wears a Medtronic pump, meets aspiring young athletes with type 1 diabetes, and is active with JDRF.
  21. Mark Lowe (American professional baseball relief pitcher right-hander) misdiagnosed as Type 2 than year later Type 1 Diabetes 2008
  22. Brett Martin (American professional baseball left-hander) 2016 diagnosed Type 1 diabetes
  23. Jackie Robinson (American professional baseball player 1919-1972) Type 1 diabetes
  24. Jim “Catfish” Hunter (American Professional baseball player 1946-1999) Diabetes
  25. Ron Santo (American Major League Baseball third baseman 1940-2010) diagnosed Type 1 diabetes. Donated raised funds to JDRF through his annual Ron Santo Walk to Cure Diabetes.
  26. Ty Cobb (American Major League baseball outfielder 1886-1961)diagnosed type 1 diabetes late in life
  27. Kendall Simmons (American former football guard) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
  28. Crystal Bowersox (American singer/songwriter) Type 1 diabetes diagnosed at age 6. She is a regular performer at diabetes conferences, JDRF Advocacy, Beyond Type 1, and other diabetes-focused organizations.
  29. George Canyon (Canadian country singer) diagnosed with Type 1 age 14. Public proponent for JDRF
  30. Kevin Covias (American actor/singer/songwriter) type 1 diabetes diagnosis age 11, active in advocacy with Children with Diabetes and the Diabetes Research Institute.
  31. Eric Paslay (American country singer/songwriter) diagnosed type 1 diabetes age 10, has podcast as Dexcom advocate, performs at Friends for Life conferences and serves on the board of directors for JDRF Middle Tennessee.
  32. Ben Rue (American country singer/songwriter/guitarist) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 14. #BuckOffDiabetes campaign.  In 2018, he partnered with Roche Diabetes Care to launch a campaign promoting a medication cost-savings program that also supports donations to diabetes nonprofits.
  33. Elliott Yamin (American singer) visible insulin pump, open about his early struggles with type 1 diabetes diagnosed age 16 and has been active with JDRF and the International Diabetes Federation’s Life For A Child Program.
  34. Brec Bassinger  (American actress/Nickelodeon TV) Diagnosed at age 8, JDRF Ambassador
  35. Victor Garber (Canadian-American actor/singer) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, advocate for Beyond Type 1 and JDRF Canada, and his portrait hangs in Banting House (birthplace of insulin).
  36. Dorian Gregory (American actor) Type 1diabetes at age 9, has served as a spokesman for JDRF.
  37. Jim Turner (American actor/comedian) diagnosed as teenager. He co-hosted the CNBC D-Life diabetes TV show for many years before that series eventually ended, passionate advocate working with diabetes industry partners on various campaigns.
  38. Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes late in life, open about her diabetes, and has even been seen in public with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) on her arm. Ambassador JDRF.
  39. Sonia Sotomayor (American Associate Supreme Court Justice) Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, she has been open to talking about the condition and recently released a children’s book that encourages children to embrace their differences.

Gestational Diabetes

  1. Salma Hayek (Mexican-American actress) diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her forties while pregnant with daughter
  2. Meghan Trainor (American singer/songwriter) 12/03/2020 is expecting recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes


close up view of human dry skin


  1. Dr. Pimple Popper AKA Dr. Sandra Lee (American author and star of Youtube) (book)
  2. Jessica Simpson (American actress/singer) Eczema since childhood Spokesperson for Eucrisa
  3. Tia Mowry (actress and cooking star)
  4. Kerry Washington (American actress)
  5. Emily Bador (British model and activist)
  6. Elizabeth Falkner (celebrity chef)
  7. Nadia Sawalha (English Actress)
  8. Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)
  9. Brad Pitt (American actor)
  10. Adele (singer)
  11. Olivia Cooke (actress)
  12. Catherine Zeta Jones (American actress)
  13. Ella Fanning (American actress) eyelids

Heterochromia (different color eyes)

  1. Mila Kunis (American actress) right brown left green surgery
  2. Dominic Sherwood (actor) half blue-half brown eye
  3. Jane Seymore (American actress) one brown one green
  4. Kate Bosworth (actress) one blue and one a much darker hazel
  5. Kiefer Sutherland (American actor) one blue one green
  6. Max Scherzer (American pitcher) one eye quite light the other is very dark
  7. Elizabeth Berkley (American actress) one half-brown/ half-green the other fully green
  8. Josh Henderson (American actor) a medium blue other a rich green
  9. Bill Pullman (American actor) one a darker look with brown area of the iris
  10. Alice Eve (American actress) left eye is blue right is green
  11. Michael Flatley (Irish dancer/choreographer) one green with brown flecks one blue
  12. Benedict Cumberbatch (American actor) combination of blue/green/gold
  13. Simon Pegg (Actor/comedian) blue-grey right with brown fleck
  14. Olivia Wilde (actress) inner circles of irises different color from the outer blue-green
  15. Dan Akroyd (American actor/comedian) one green/one brown
  16. Christopher (American actor/comedian) blue eyes with green inner rings
  17. Demi Moore (American actress) Hazel and green
  18. Virginia Madsen (American actress) green/one with brown flecks
  19. Robert Downey, Jr. (American actor) chocolate-brown flecks in each
  20. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (actor) blue/green with gold flecks, especially left eye
  21. Gracie Allen (radio/TV/film comedienne) one green/one blue
  22. Tim Roth (English actor) green/blue outer circles dark brown inner circles
  23. Jennifer Connelly (American actress) blue/green flecked with gold darker outer circle
  24. Michael Schwimmer (American baseball player) blue other hazel
  25. Alyson Hannigan (American actress/comedian) green eyes with brown rings around the iris
  26. Harvey Keitel (American actor) hazel and very dark brown inner circles around the pupils
  27. Wentworth Miller (American actor) one green one blue
  28. Marshall Lancaster (British actor) one blue one hazel with gold flecks
  29. Ralph Fiennes (actor) blue eyes with gold and brown flecks
  30. Joe Pesci (American actor/comedian) deep blue with brown inner circles
  31. Elizabeth McGovern (English actress) blue darker ring around the outside
  32. Colleen Moore ('30s silent film star) one blue one brown
  33. Angelina Jolie (American actress) inner and outer circles of her irises are different colors
  34. Tim McIlrath (Composer/singer) one blue one brown
  35. Jessica Cauffiel (American actress) one green/one green and brown
  36. Alexander the Great (conqueror) one blue one brown

Lyme Disease

brown spider on green leaf

It may be common for family members to have the disease because of a combination of factors. First, it spreads in people who have imbalances in gut bacteria. Often in relation to diet and people in the household eat the same foods, members often have common imbalances.

Second while LD is not inherited, thyroid-related diseases can be. Issues with the thyroid gland can make people more prone to contracting Lyme disease.

  1. Avril Lavigne (Canadian singer/songwriter) 2014 tick bite advocate
  2. Yolanda Foster (Hadid) (Dutch-American television personality/former model/author) -neuroborreliosis 2012 Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease 2017 (book) Also daughter Bella and son Anwar.
  3. Bella Hadid (American model) 2012
  4. Jane Alexander (American actress/author) twice! Under Our Skin (film)
  5. Alec Baldwin (American actor/game show host) chronic 2011 1st time, deer tick
  6. Parker Posey (American actress/musician) 2009
  7. Jamie Lynn Sigler (American actress/singer) 2015 Wise Girl: What I’ve Learned About Life, Love, and Loss advocate (book)
  8. Debbie Gibson (American singer/songwriter) 2013
  9. Daryl Hall (American singer/songwriter/musician) 2005
  10. Amy Tan (American author) 1999 neurologic The Opposite of Fate co-founded LymeAid 4 Kids (book)
  11. Alice Walker (American novelist)
  12. George W. Bush (Former President) 2006
  13. Justin Bieber (Canadian singer/songwriter) Justin Bieber Lyme disease Documentary - YouTube
  14. Shania Twain (Canadian singer/songwriter) 2004 tick bite Lyme disease YouTube
  15. Ben Stiller (American actor) 2010
  16. Kelly Osbourne (British actress)
  17. Kris Kristofferson (American singer/songwriter/actor)
DISCLAIMER (allaboutourskin.com)

Bruce Paltrow (American Director/Producer) died in 2002, age 58. He had been diagnosed with oral cancer in 1999; his death was due to complications from oral cancer and pneumonia. There is a fund set up in his name with The Oral Cancer Foundation and family members.


Just throwing this in because of blog on piercings.

Earlobe & Helix

  1. Cara Delevingne (English model/actress/singer)


  1. Zoe Kravitz (American actress/singer/model)
  2. Rihanna (Barbadian singer/songwriter/actress)
  3. Scarlett Johansson (American actress)


types of psoriasis
  1. Kim Kardashian West (entrepreneur and reality TV star)
  2. Kris Jenner (Kim's famous mother )
  3. Cara Delevingne (English model/actress/singer)
  4. Cyndi Lauper (American songwriter/singer/actress/activist) scalp psoriasis later spread to other areas
  5. Phil Mickelson (pro golfer)
  6. LeAnn Rimes (American country singer) severe psoriasis works with NPF
  7. Stacy London (fashion expert)
  8. Art Garfunkel (American songwriter/singer/author)
  9. Jon Lovitz (comedian)
  10. Jerry Mathers (American actor) spokesperson NPF
  11. Dara Torres (Olympic swimmer)
  12. John Updike (Pulitzer Prize author)
  13. CariDee English (model)
  14. Eli Roth (director)
  15. Liam Gallagher (British rock singer)
  16. La La Anthony (author/actress and TV personality)
  17. Katie Lowes (actress)
  18. Joe Diffie (American country singer)


portrait of young woman
  1. Prince William
  2. Prince Harry
  3. Princess Diana of Wales
  4. Cynthia Nixon (American Actress) spokesperson for NRS
  5. Bill Clinton (Former President)
  6. Renee Zellweger (American Actress)
  7. Cameron Diaz (American Actress)
  8. Rembrandt van Rijn (17th century Dutch Painter) phymatous rosacea
  9. W. C. Fields (comedian 1920s-1940s) rhinophyma rosacea
  10. Sam Smith (musician)
  11. Mariah Carey (recording artist/songwriter)
  12. Rosie O'Donnell (American comedian/actress and author)
  13. J.P. Morgan (American financier/banker/philanthropist and art collector) rhinophyma rosacea
  14. William Shatner (American actor)

Skin Cancer

  1. Ewan McGregor (Scottish actor) cancerous mole
  2. Bob Marley (Jamaican singer/songwriter/musician) acral lentiginous melanoma
  3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (American actor) skin cancer Has been posting on Instagram encouraging others to go for skin cancer screening and to wear sunscreen.


Stretch Marks


These women are strong advocates for body positivity. They have posted selfies on Instagram.

  1. Khloe Kardashian (American reality star) posted bikini selfie (thighs) on Instagram
  2. Lady Gaga (American actress/singer/songwriter) stretch marks selfie Instagram
  3. Kourtney Kardashian (American reality star) stretch marks selfie Instagram
  4. Katie Holmes (American actress) stomach stretch marks cover Vogue Australia
  5. Chrissy Teigen (American model/talk show host) Instagram post (thighs)


tattoos on forearms photo by matheus ferrero from pexels

This is not a skin condition but some may find of interest. Remember I mentioned royalty.


  1. Lady Amelia Windsor
  2. Princess Sofia of Sweden
  3. Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark
  4. Princess Stephanie of Monaco
  5. Pauline Ducruet (fashion designer)

Trichotillomania (pulling and twisting of hair)

  1. Samantha Faiers (English television personality/model) hair/eyelashes-speaks openly has YouTube channel
  2. Collin Farrell (Irish actor) hair childhood habit
  3. Erin Bateman (Australian TV personality) posted on Instagram
  4. Jenny Lawson (Author/blogger) Furiously Happy
  5. Ashly Perez (Internet personality/video producer) YouTuber and Instagram
  6. Rachel Fairburn (English stand-up comedian/podcast) as child
  7. Sara Sampaio (Portuguese model/Victoria’s Secret Angel) eyebrows/eyelashes- raising awareness
  8. Olivia Munn (American actress/model/TV host/author) eyelashes-speaks openly

Vision Loss

  1. Johnny Depp (American actor/musician) 2013 blind in left eye and near-sighted in the right
  2. Judith Dench (English actress) 2012   age-related macular degeneration
  3. Steve Wynn (CEO of Wynn Resorts) 1971 with retinitis pigmentosa
  4. Fetty Wap (American rapper) born with congenital glaucoma and had left eye surgically removed as a child
  5. Apl.de.ap (American-Filipino rapper AKA Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr.) born with nystagmus
  6. Alice Walker (American novelist) lost vision right eye at age eight when her brother accidentally shot her with a BB gun.
  7. Thom Yorke English singer/musician/songwriter) His left eye paralyzed at birth causing a drooping eyelid
  8. Slick Rick (American-British rapper AKA Richard Walters) blinded in his right eye by broken glass as an infant.
  9. Mila Kunis (American actress) blind in one eye for years due to chronic iritis
  10. Claude Monet (French impressionist painter) cataract
  11. Ray Charles (American singer/songwriter/musician) Lost sight as a child due to juvenile glaucoma.
  12. Ella Fitzgerald (American jazz singer) Diabetic retinopathy
  13. Abraham Lincoln (16th President US) strabismus, the eyes are misaligned and can turn inward or outward. His left eye was naturally higher compared to right and rolled upward when he was tired or excited.
  14. Bono (Irish singer/songwriter) glaucoma had exam
  15. Stephen King (American author) age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  16. Sugar Ray Leonard (American professional boxer) left partially detached retina due to boxing
  17. Stephen Curry (American Professional basketball player) keratoconus
  18. Missy Elliott (American rapper/singer/songwriter/record producer) 2011 Grave’s disease
  19. Kristen Bell (American actress/singer/producer) right eye strabismus
  20. Jose Feliciano (Puerto Rican musician/singer/songwriter) blind at birth due to congenital glaucoma
  21. Venus Williams (American tennis player) Sjögren's syndrome spokeswoman
  22. Joseph Pulitzer (Hungarian-American newspaper publisher) retinal detachment
  23. Brittany Howard (American musician/singer/songwriter) retinoblastoma as a child
  24. Larry King (American talk show host) 2009 had cataract surgery.
  25. Stevie Wonder (American musician/singer/songwriter) retinopathy of prematurity.
  26. Georgia O’Keeffe (American modern painter) AMD
  27. Ronnie Milsap (American singer/songwriter) born with congenital glaucoma