Cell Phones Affect Our Skin

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Cell phones and our skin

There is so much talk lately about the coronavirus. Reports say it can survive on certain hard surfaces about 9 days. This virus thrives in humid environments with high temperatures.

We have been advised to wash our hands and use sanitizer wipes. There is a lot of contradiction out there on how to disinfect our cell phones.

In this day and age we rely on our cell phones. They never leave us. We are constantly using them. So just imagine what they collect day to day. We can actually say we can’t live without them.

Not So Good

The not so good part is they can contribute to a lot of skin conditions. Just being in contact with our hands and face all the time.

The movements we use while on our cell can cause wrinkles in areas. With age it has been difficult to read my text, my glasses are always on the other side of the room. So I squint. This causes crow’s feet around the eyes (great).

There is also a thing called “tech neck” from gazing down at our cells. This results with wrinkles under the chin and around the neck. (I know just what you want to hear).

Our neck and décolletage are one of the first areas to show signs of age. This area is important to moisturize. Seeking out anti-aging services at your local salon/spa would relieve stress and help you feel pampered. Share your concerns with your esthetician. And don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Some have developed a rash (contact dermatitis) studies have found from the nickel and chromium in the cell phone casings. Not all cell phones contain nickel and chromium. Look into your model if you have noticed this reaction.

Not to mention our cell phones can hold a lot of bacteria! All the make-up residue, our skin continually shedding, sweat and everyday pollution can land on our cells.

So we need to think about cleaning this surface too. I see some blogs suggest using alcohol and others don’t. I don’t like the idea because it is a “trigger” for my Rosacea (Rosacea, My Face).

Limiting the contact between the skin and cell can help. Using speaker phone mode or an ear piece more is a suggestion.

All this pressing your cell phone against your face can cause acne. The dirt and impurities can collect in your pores. Washing the face after extended use can help.

Putting your phone in another room and turning it off will help you get more sleep. No notification chimes from social media or text keeping you awake. This lack of sleep can result in puffiness and those dark circles under the eyes.

Our cells can heat up causing major skin issues. The heat can affect the melanin (cell for skin color) to make dark spots and discoloration.

Cleaning Your Cell Phone

Do you have a habit of setting your phone down on a desk or store counter? Our cells get a lot of use. It is the sign of the times.

Again there are a lot of different views out there on how to clean them. Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide are antiseptics. They both kill germs. But can also harm our electronics. Be careful with the percentage and using on delicate screens. And we don’t want to use anything that scratches the screen such as; Kleenex or paper towels that might have harsh fibers.

To clean your cell power down (turn it off). The surface can be wiped down with a sanitizer of your choice. There are cleaning wipes out there specially made for our electronics.

Alcohol is a good sanitizer but may “trigger” some skin conditions. (Rosacea, My Face).

Hydrogen peroxide is known for its bubbling reaction. This means it is killing those germs.

Ever drop your phone? Yup. If you have cracked your screen get in and around those cracks with a “damp” cotton ball or better yet a Q-tip. Bacteria can also hide in these cracks. And please be careful not to cut yourself if your screen is really cracked.

Remember, too much moisture can damage your cell, don’t soak. (Like dropping it into the toilet, yuck).

Cleaning can be repeated once a week. In the case you feel it has gotten really dirty, doesn’t hurt to wipe it down. It may be good to carry wipes in your purse or pocket.

Those annoying fingerprints (text) spots of dirt and oil can be wiped down with a damp lint-free cloth.

Boost Your Immune System

Eating a healthy diet can ward off illness such as the COVID-19. Eating healthy should be done daily but in today’s fast paced world we tend to opt for convenience. We need these supplements for our immune system and to improve our skin.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin meaning it’s not stored in the body. So it needs to be replaced daily. It helps prevent us from getting sick. It can be found in so many foods such as; oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, kale and broccoli.

Vitamin B6 supports the biochemical reaction. It is in foods such as; chicken, salmon and tuna. Green vegetables and chickpeas also.

Vitamin E an antioxidant to help the body fight off infection. Foods include nuts, seeds and spinach.

Zinc to control inflammation and slow down the immune response. Found in oysters, crab, lean meats and poultry.

And as always we need to manage our stress.

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