Convenient Trendy Popular Products: Dry Shampoo Micellar Water

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There have been some products gaining popularity in the past years that give some convenience with the regular skincare routine. These can easily be tossed in your bag to use on the go at the office, gym or wherever you may be heading.


Micellar Water

This product debuted 1991 invented by founder of Bioderma French skincare line. Originally micellar water was intended to help Parisian women use their regions harsh tap water.

Micellar water is soft water that contains capsules of oil in it. Micelles are the tiny balls of oil acting like magnets to pull off impurities.

Normally, the two don’t mix but this is special technology, resulting with the cleansing benefits of both. The water has the ability to lift dirt away and hydrate skin. While the oil removes excess sebum and conditions the skin.

Some toners may contain alcohol (rosacea trigger) that can irritate and strip skin. Makeup wipes can also contain irritating chemicals. Micellar water has the same or a very close pH to our own skin. This makes micellar a great option.

How to Use Micellar Water

The first thing is to cleanse your face with your regular routine the night before. Considering all we (face) encounter during the day this needs to be completely removed, without over stripping the skin. The micellar water was not intended to be your only cleanser.

It is a very gentle makeup remover taking away oil-soluble makeup. It is non-exfoliating. There are no harsh surfactants or physical rubbing.

If you are pressed for time to wash your face in the morning use this option as a gentle toner it can be a life saver.

I have a bottle on my counter. In the morning I splash cool water on my face. I apply the micellar water to a cotton ball and swipe away. No need to rinse. It’s very hydrating and leaves my skin smooth. As well as soothing on the eyelids and lips, doesn’t leave a heavy residue as baby oil would when I used that in the past. (Still, I think baby oil is great on a budget as an overall moisturizer). Afterwards you can put on your moisturizer and SPF before your makeup (if wearing this). You’re ready to go!

After your workout you may want to freshen up. Because your pores are open the skin may be prone to irritation. Avoid harsh actives and frequent washing that could cause damage. Micellar is gentle and useful to carry a bottle in your bag.

If you are taking steps towards being eco-friendly you might like a handy wipe made with repurposed material that can be recycled. Burt’s Bee has a product Micellar Make-up Removing Towelettes that may be right up your alley, even more convenient to carry along.

Micellar water can be used on all skin types even sensitive, as well as eyes and lips; it states this on the bottle.


Dry Shampoos

It seems the first dry shampoo was developed by Klorane in the Southwest of France during 1971. The intention was for new mothers in hospitals after giving birth. Today it is a popular trend, great for a quick refresh.

It is not a good idea to shampoo frequently but if you feel you must there are plenty of lines offering a dry shampoo.

It is not meant to clean hair but most leave a fragrance. Dry shampoo contains alcohols or starch based active ingredients. Dry shampoo can absorb any excess sebum and other oils at your roots.

This doesn’t require getting hair wet. Dry shampoo is basically a powder or fast drying spray. Some may come in a paste form. It’s a great styling product.

Brands vary and it may take some experimenting to find one you like.

Dry Shampoo Benefits

Shampoo less frequent washing can strip away moisture from the hair follicle. Certain hair types (coarse, curly, thick and fragile) can become damaged with too much washing.

Holds your color longer as the more you wash, your color becomes less vibrant. If your hair dye is not permanent color won’t penetrate as deeply.

Take away odors that linger in hair if you go out for a smoke. Refresh with a pleasant fragrance as long as you don’t overdo it.

To get a boost by adding a bit of volume in between shampoos or when you are out and about. A spray immediately adds fullness like you’ve just blown it out.

Refresh your style or curls by perking things up if they look droopy. It is not only for oily hair.

Saves time; if you share a bathroom and maybe have to allot time to get to work or school or you have a love for the snooze button. This may be an option to alternate. Dry shampoo can be your savior.

Helps soothe irritated scalp, products can irritate a scalp hair color may be linked to this or a variety of other reasons. The dry shampoo contains cooling properties to provide relief (as long as you don’t rely on it all the time because not actually shampooing can also cause irritation).

What to Avoid

Residue – You don’t want a product that leaves a gunky buildup weighing hair down or a white powder in your dark hair.

Too sticky – Running your hand through your hair and having it stick or get caught on that first date is not a good thing.

You don’t like the fragrance – Since you will be wearing it and closest to your nose, find a fragrance you like. A few things about this, fragrance are the #1 allergen, so be careful not to offend classmates or co-workers. Don’t wear it too heavy so it becomes overwhelming, it can stay after you’ve passed through. Others will appreciate this!

A heavy formula – You don’t want to deflate your hairstyle. For hair that is fine you should use a lightweight formula.

Appling Dry Shampoo Spray Properly

Hair must be dry. Shake can and hold a minimum of 8-12 inches from head. Begin at your part line and spray the roots. Continue with smaller sections ensuring entire head has product.

Flipping the hair upside down, with finger-tips softly massage the roots throughout. If roots are still damp you can use a blow dryer at the lowest, coolest setting.

Then using the pads of your fingers or brush, comb through hair to cover the entire head. Convenient when you are on the go between activities.

Face Mist, Face Sprays

The face mist is very popular in Korea. These have been called many names including toner or essence.

The face mist helps with moisturizing but don’t apply too many times during the day. It does contain minerals or botanicals that can be drying.

Benefits of Face Mist

They are not only refreshing but also hydrating leaving your skin with a dewy appearance, very cooling on contact, great when warmer temperatures hit and take away those drying effects from heat and air conditioning.

Just close your eyes and spritz over your face. With your fingertips gently press the mist into your skin. This will help absorb the ingredients.

The face mist can be applied during your day. It works over make-up and won’t cause smudging. There are a variety of products depending on your skin type and needs.

How to Tell the Difference

Thermal water a kind of face mist containing more water with a higher mineral content than regular water. It helps with dryness and irritants. A face mist includes not only water but added ingredients like humectant and emollient.

Toner is used after washing the face to remove all impurities and prepare your skin for moisturizer. With the mist a few spritz softens skin quenching nutrients and moisture to the epidermis. You can mist anytime of the day. Although, growing more popularity are hydrating toners similar to hydrating mist. You can also use the mist after your toner if you like.

Essence is like a liquid serum treating wrinkles and uneven skin tones, pat it on with your fingertips. It is loaded with more concentrated ingredients versus a mist. An essence is meant to be used before moisturizers adding another layer of hydration. Versus a mist that is lighter usually containing more water.

Setting spray is make-up instead of skincare. It contains synthetic polymers used to lock your make-up in place. Versus mist that contains skin friendly ingredients that are meant to give a more natural look instead of making things last longer.

Uses for Face Mist

Refresh skin as the fastest skin reviver. The spritz feels cooling, relaxing and rejuvenating during a hot midday slump or anytime you need a boost.

Dilute other products if they just don’t work for you. Add to cream to get a lighter variation becoming a lotion. You may feel thinning your foundation to a light pigment gives a more natural look.

Soothe sensitive skin by calming irritation and giving back lost moisture which decreases redness (rosacea). I like this. You want to avoid triggers like alcohol and fragrance. Choose a face mist containing aloe vera, grape water or thermal water (known for its rich anti-inflammatory minerals).

Acne prone skin control by choosing a clarifying mist that usually will have a mild acid exfoliate. Salicylic acid or willow bark water (Beta-hydroxy acids) are best for deep-cleaning pores and to prevent those pimples showing up. According to your skin type the face mist could be used instead of that daily acne treatment that you have to leave on.

Absorb excess oil with a face mist containing Silica (a natural mineral). This gives another option besides your translucent powder or blotting sheets to control the shine. And the face mist provides lightweight moisture.

Hydrate right away by spritzing throughout your day. Instead of reapplying moisturizer it won’t ruin your make-up! You will need a mist that includes emollients or occlusive for example; shea butter, mineral oil or coconut oil if hydration is your intent. Whereas one that includes only water or humectants could actually make skin drier because it evaporates.

Like all good things don’t over use.

Do you use any of these products?

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