Crochet to Relieve Stress

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crochet to relieve stress
crochet or knit to relieve stress

Pick up those needles and start a project. Crochet can help with stress relief.

I learned how to crochet and knit from my grandmother. My sisters and I were fortunate at a young age to be taught these crafts.

My first pattern was a granny square. I have crocheted a couple Afghans and blankets with different variations. I have had every size crochet hook for years. They can be purchased in a package. Through the years I have picked them up to work on a project. What’s nice is you can always set this down and come back to it any time where you left off.

These needle crafts (or any craft that you chose) are great for relieving stress. Anything that gets you active and keeps your mind occupied for a time helps chase away those negative thoughts.

Crocheting needs you to concentrate on the count of your stitches and following your pattern. You have no time for those worries while crocheting. This is a little time for you to get away.

I have seen women crocheting on their bus ride and in doctor offices while they wait. The yarn and hooks are easy to pack for travel. Just be careful not to poke anyone with your knitting needles. Not a pleasant feeling.

What is Crocheting?

If you haven’t heard of it before you might wonder. Well it comes from Old French and Germanic words both meaning “hook” according to Wikipedia’s definition. During the 17th century in France crochetage referred to a stitch that was used to join two pieces of lace together.

It is a form of making textiles by using a hooked needle to loop usually yarn but there are so many types of materials these days.

There are other forms of crochet such as Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace. I have actually done the latter.

This is an old technique from the 19th century. Also called”jiffy lace” and “peacock eye crochet”. As in the name, a broomstick was used with the crochet hook. I used a wooden dowel bought at Home Depot, cut to size.

A long slender knitting needle can be used. These can be purchased at Michael’s and are plastic. I made a small scarf. It has a lacy affect and broom pattern. Blankets and shawls can also be made.

I found it difficult finding a comfortable position to handle the dowel I was using for my project. And I had stiches sliding off. It is required to turn the item to get the broomstick figure in your work. Maybe you would have better luck.


  • Remembering stitches and patterns can improve memory and build confidence.
  • Gets creative juices flowing
  • Sense of accomplishment finishing a project
  • Helps limber joints
  • Form a group to socialize
  • Make items to donate for charity, to hospitals or humane societies.
  • Helps with anxiety and depression by busying the mind

Learning Crochet

Basic crochet is easy to learn. A young child can learn as well as any adult. All genders can be included. It requires a slip knot to get yarn on needle then a chain stitch. This then gives you a foundation to start building on with other stitches.

Like everything it takes practice. But the beauty is if you make a mistake you just pull out the stitches that are wrong. And begin again back on track.

I have made mistakes when I start a new pattern and not quite sure how to follow it. If the pattern is converted from another country they may call things a different name or have a different format to follow with the pattern.

There are many YouTube tutorials to learn crochet and knitting. And videos on the latest trend stitch or project. Most craft stores will have classes available.

Patterns start with beginner and progress to advance and intermediate experience.

Buying Materials

Crochet needles are made from metal, wood, bamboo or plastic. Smaller needles are used with threads and give a lacy appearance such as doilies.

You can purchase needles at any craft department. And a new trend has been using your fingers or arms. Lots of YouTube videos on this.

Yarn can be thin to a thicker spun for say rug making. Other fabrics with a threaded “ladder” along one edge had a trend going for a while. These were sold in “scarfs” bundles with cute printed patterns on like zebra stripes.

Pattern and project ideas are available in books sold at all craft departments that sell yarn and hooks. Or check out their store website. There are crocheting websites that post free patterns or patterns for purchase.

Locale stores in Milwaukee and what they have to offer:

Michael’s Craft Store –New Berlin, So. Milwaukee and Brookfield

Website, offer classes, weekly ad, email sign-ups, coupons, popular yarn brands, project ideas and books

Jo-Anne Fabrics & Crafts-Cudahy, Brookfield, Pewaukee and Greenfield

Website, offer classes, coupon app, pet friendly, email up-dates, popular yarn brands, weekly ad

Hobby Lobby-West Allis, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Franklin and Waukesha

Website, Projects and videos, email sign-up, books, weekly ad

Wal-Mart-Greenfield, Greendale, New Berlin, Muskego

Website, popular yarn brands, project ideas and books, weekly ads

Cream City Yarn-Brookfield

Website, offer classes, Specialty yarn brands, local and unique vendors, books

Hand-made crafts can be sold on Ebay, Etsy and Ravelry for charity or extra income. Rent a booth at your church or fair grounds.

Now what will you crochet and what material will you work with?

Disclaimer: No endorsements for pay or otherwise are included in this blog. This website is for informational purposes and not for diagnosis.

If you have a health condition or concern please consult your doctor.

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