Crystals More than Pretty Stones Anxiety Grids

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close up photo of assorted crystals

Crystals have been used for millennia. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda are both over 5000 years old. Crystals were used in formulas mentioned in their ancient text. The text and crystals are still used today.

Ancient healers (shamans and crystal healers) knew of crystals to calm and give energy and those that could heal quickly. (Other suggestions for anxiety/stress).


There are many colors, sizes and forms. They are more than pretty stones.

Some contain minerals with therapeutic properties helping to reduce swelling and inflammation for example.

Pain or illness means something is wrong with the body. The body may have too much energy or a chakra that is blocked. Calming crystals like Lapis Lazuli or Rose Quartz could help diminish excess energy. This needs to be balanced again to be healthy.

Plenty of crystals can help with anxiety and stress. A grid can be used especially for this concern.


Crystals Used Today

Crystals are for holistic healing. They work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They help to realign our energies through vibrations that balance.

Disturbances can be caused by our environment such as electromagnetic fog. Like this implies it comes from our devices; computers, TV and cells. The placement of a black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz is suggested to absorb this.

Today piezoelectric crystals are used in ultrasound machines producing sound waves. Piezoelectric means that electricity and sometimes light is made when compressed.

To note: there has been no scientific evidence or studies on the benefits or uses of crystals. Doctors consider it a placebo effect.

Caring for your Crystals

Crystals require special care. They should be cleansed after purchase and each time you have worn or worked with them for healing. Cleansing takes away negative vibrations and this can be done several ways. (Essential oils).

A select few never need cleansing. Some are self-cleaning (yes). Some should not be placed in sunlight while others don’t like water. So you may need to be familiar with a couple cleansing methods depending on your crystals.

I have cut cheese cloth into small squares to protect each crystal from getting scratched. I have also rubber banded a label with each. Then I have placed them in a wicker basket to store.

How to use Crystals

Crystal healing has become popular again. Using crystals to heal is an alternative medicine technique. Crystals and other stones can be used to treat ailments and protect against diseases.

Crystals can be used to lie on or around your body for ten to thirty minutes (my cat likes to knock them off me). You will have to find a shape and size that is comfortable for your body location.

If you have a headache due to stress, an Amethyst, Amber or Turquoise is suggested on the brow to relieve it.

They may be used with reflexology and placed on feet to stimulate points. Crystals have had a connection with specific areas of the body and it’s organs for many thousands of years.

They can be used similar to herbal remedies in the making of an elixir.

You may hold a crystal or place it on or around you while meditating. This is an easy method to become attune to the crystals energy. This is a way to silence those inner voices. Meditation is beneficial with relieving stress.


You may already wear crystals in your jewelry or have them as decoration (after all they are pretty) on a mantel or table. They have become a recent fashion trend.

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Who uses Crystals?

Qualified crystal healers, Reiki practitioner, acupuncturist or massage therapist may all use crystals in their field. They have been seen in salon/spas as decoration and to give a relaxing atmosphere.

During a crystal healing treatment, the healer may select stones or crystals to arrange on your chakra points for your symptoms.

An Ayurvedic practitioner can suggest what gemstones to wear concerning your constitution for working your karma. You will be given instruction on what piece of jewelry and area of which to wear it.

11 Crystals to Heal Anxiety

Amethyst is purple to lavender and one of the most common crystals. It is said to take away anxiety, especially blocks geopathic stress. This crystal can be placed under your pillow for insomnia.

When I held an amethyst crystal in my hand the first time it went crazy. I told my sister I felt a sizzling sensation. I didn’t know how to describe it. It was very active. I wasn’t told what to expect.

Sodalite is blue and common. It is excellent for the mind by taking away mental confusion and allowing new information to come in. It calms panic attacks and helps emotional balance.

Green Calcite (there are other Calcite colors) the green is a mental healer and common crystal. It is used often in grids to absorb negative thoughts. Calcite decreases emotional stress. It helps in stabilizing emotions.

Blue Lace Agate is light blue with white or darker lines and common. It gives off a soft energy that is cooling and calming. Blue Lace Agate (doesn’t the name sound pretty?) brings peace of mind, relieving mental stress.

Fluorite colors include; clear, blue, green, purple yellow and brown and is a common crystal. Very effective in helping with computer and electromagnetic stress and blocking geopathic stress as well. It gives a stabilizing effect and helps to balance.

Rose Quartz is pink and very common (it is the love/heart crystal). It is calming and used to open the heart. (Have one on my nightstand). Rose quartz takes away negative energy and replaces it with love (don’t ya just want one now?)

Tiger’s Eye usually brown-yellow and common. I have been drawn to this stone for years. My go to a pair of earrings to help me feel grounded and the color goes with many outfits. Tiger’s Eye can assist with balancing yin-yang. It reduces depression and lifts ones mood.

Celestite colors are blue, yellow, red and white. Is common but can be expensive. It can heal the aura bringing balance and alignment. It has a high vibration and is a creative stone. Celestite has a calming effect helpful with cooling anger.

Black Tourmaline actually a variety of colors and common. I carry a small stone in my purse. It was used by shamans in rituals to bring protection. The black tourmaline protects against all types of negative energies.

Angelite is a blue and white crystal that is very common. It represents peace. It helps with accepting things that cannot be changed. Angelite gives a deep feeling of peace and tranquility and deepens attunement.

Lepidolite is purple or pink in color and very common. It helps in clearing electromagnetic fog from computers. It takes away negativity and clears blockages. Lepidolite is very useful in reducing stress and depression. It actually contains lithium that has been used to stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorders.

crystals on grid
crystals on grid

What are Crystal Grids?

A grid may be found in books, at your crystal store or online. A grid is a tool to work on one specific area. There are grids to arrange stones for anxiety and stress. The grid contains a spot where to place each stone.

Sometimes it is required to place the grid near a plant, on a wood piece of furniture or some other special instruction. The stones work like a team by combining their energies. You may like to include nature on your grid with a flower petal or fall leaves. This is fine. Go with how you feel.

The first step is to decide on the reason for your grid. Be specific with your need. You may want to write it down. Whether its anxiety over a test or something else you need to work on.

Then selection of the grid shape. This all plays in to what it will work on. The shape, stones and colors all carry different energy. Where will you place your grid? You don’t want it to be bothered by the kids or pets. It’s not going to help if the crystals are rearranged.

Final step, choose your stones. If you don’t have a grid that tells you what stones to use you may have to do some research. You can work with what crystals you have on hand. Keep in mind their individual properties and your intention. Trust your instinct and what you feel like using.

It is important to cleanse the crystals and area you place your grid in.

Once the grid is in place you need to activate it. This is simply stating out loud what it is intended for. Like, I have put my grid together to relieve my emotional anxiety with the current situation.

Crystals are made in the earth. They are all around us, in our cells, computers and medical equipment. Crystals have healing energy.

Do you work with crystals? What is the main use you have?

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