Dewy Skin all Types how to Achieve Todays Look

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Dewy Skin

Recently dewy has become the buzzword to describe the recent skin look. We think of a glow from within like having a spritz of mist on resulting as dewy skin.

In order to achieve the dewy look you need to find the right steps. This takes a balance of moisture, exfoliation, nutrients and gentleness in other words the right products and tricks.

Your skin care plan will vary from someone who has another skin type. It just takes the right combo.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes and not for diagnosis. More details.

What does Dewy Skin Mean?

You have achieved the perfect balance when you have a dewy face. This is in possession of a glow and shine that looks healthy which can’t be mistaken for appearing greasy. Dewy skin has produced other trends as well:

  • Glass skin
  • Honey skin
  • Glowy skin
  • Dewy dumpling skin
  • Buttery skin

Why Dewy Skin Look?

It is the look of today according to the beauty industry. Other words to describe the look:

  • Fresh
  • Young
  • Livelier
  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Hydrated

With these adjectives wouldn’t you just have to have this look?

We are stepping away from the former heavily made-up look. The opposite of dewy was the matte look. Matte was a more velvety appearance having no shine.

The products normally used contained no oils. Its finished look was more polished and sophisticated.

On the other hand, dewy skin is moist and meant to reflect light giving a more radiant look. Because of this reflection it tends to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

And to get the look…

How to get Dewy Skin

Get your Z’s

While you sleep your skin has time to regenerate. At night, it shifts from protecting itself from external factors to recovery mode. That is to say three times faster than it does during the day.

Most importantly, your skin has a surge in human growth hormones (HGH) during your sleep cycle. The HGH takes part in restoring body tissues and increasing the production of cells.

These cells in other words replace those damaged throughout your day. Meanwhile skipping your Z’s is going to show with dull skin in the morning.

Dewy Skin
photo by Rizknas from pexels

Face Wash that Balances

There are so many products these days to cleanse your face. Take a simple splash of water in the morning to applying a strong salicylic acid at night. It’s a kinda personal thing.

To get back to this balanced state; if your skin is normally oily you want something to absorb that excess oil such as washes with enzymes.

For acne skin a cleanser that gently unclogs pores. Say if you are dry and inflamed find something that won’t damage skin barrier and has super hydrating ingredients.

This is the foundation of your look. In the way that it prepares skin for the following steps. Therefore you don’t want impurities on your skin keeping active ingredients from absorbing.

Go Antioxidants

The more antioxidants you use the better. Serums are a best brightening friend. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your skin. As a result your skin looks younger.

The more aid you give to neutralize unstable molecules due to those free radicals forming the longer you can prevent skin from looking aged.

You have so many antioxidant options. Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen and helps tone. This makes it especially beneficial for aging skin.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is soothing for inflamed skin and to strengthen your skin barrier. This is important if your skin is easily irritated or sensitive.

An antioxidant that is naturally found in all your cells is CoQ10. It scavenges free radicals, protects your mitochondria and also helps DNA with oxidative stress.

Hydrate Include Barrier Supporting Ingredients

Dewy skin equals hydrated skin. You can’t achieve this look of plump, misty skin without proper moisture. Checking your barrier health is one way to keep skin regularly hydrated.

If your skin barrier is compromised it can’t accomplish one of its main functions. This is inhibiting transepidermal loss of moisture (as water evaporates through your skin).

To protect your barrier health, don’t over exfoliate. This causes stripping of the skin. Above all keep skin strong, apply nutrient rich lotions and creams containing vital ingredients.

Several topicals can be used. Ceramides are fatty molecules sorta like glue keeping your skin cells together. They are part of your natural skin barrier and help to hold in moisture.

Humectants including hyaluronic acid are also important. They pull and hold water in your skin.

Or look for a product with squalane. It is a natural lipid made by your sebaceous glands in your skin. Squalane helps with skin hydration and barrier protection.

Exfoliate but don’t Over do

As long as you don’t overdo it exfoliation removes excess dead skin cells. It has an addicting instant gratification I hear ya, bringing radiant younger looking skin. But too much can irritate skin. I mean red, angry looking skin.

Both doing too little or too much can affect your dewy skin look. Most importantly, less is more. Just enough exfoliation is needed to encourage cell turn over and introduce fresh new skin.

You don’t want to scratch or damage your skin through over using an exfoliate device or product. If you’re looking for numbers usually those with normal or combination skin can do two to three times per week.

Because of my sensitive rosacea skin I could exfoliate once a week. Likewise for mature or dry.

Soothe Inflammation

Inflammation can be seen in a number of ways. Maybe you have dry, rough patches. I have tonal changes like flushing. Others have dullness.

No matter how inflammation looks on your skin, as a result it appears less than dewy. So if your skin is prone to irritation like mine you’ll want to calm it down first.

As I’ve mentioned before in blogs, I love aloe vera. I go for hydrating moisturizers and mask containing this ingredient. However, other options are oat, honey, turmeric and green tea.

Use your SPF

Don’t forget that sunscreen if you want healthy skin and not sun damaged. This would really take away from your dewy look.

Sunscreen will protect against harmful UV rays and promote youthful skin. That is to say your dewy radiant self!

Occlusive to Finish

Lastly for skin care, oils are occlusive naturally. They help create a sealant on the skin surface. An occlusive helps lock in moisture including all products applied before it.

Dewy skin usually has somewhat of a reflective quality this will help with the glassy shiny finish. Jojoba is my favorite oil for skin. It doesn’t have much of a fragrance and is lightweight so won’t clog pores.

Massage Products in

Massage is one of the benefits while receiving a facial. It releases that tension of your jaw and loosens tightness in the scalp. Likewise it has been shown to improve circulation in the face.

For instance; by firming the facial tissue through stimulating muscles, smoothing fine lines and aiding with your lymph flow.

By massaging in topical creams and serums they are allowed to penetrate deeper because of the time to work them in. In short, a natural glow.

Dewy Skin
photo by pixabay from pexels

Apply Light, Airy Makeup

Now with the right makeup application you can show off your dewy skin. First use a light kinda satiny foundation and blush. Keep it simple, you went through all this work to have hydrated looking skin don’t go back with a matte makeup.

Creams and liquids are an important tip to apply. Use your cream blushes, liquid highlighters and velvety shadows. Especially with these products hold the powders, these can stick and appear cakey.

Find a Glassy Highlighter

Even when you put all this work into your skin it may decide not to cooperate. And there is a difference between dewy and sweaty. On the other hand you have highlighters to help.

To use correctly you want to highlight high points (those areas on your face the sun naturally would hit). This would include your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bones and that Cupid’s bow.

Thus skipping the T-zone, that would look too sweaty. Shiny spots here look oily.

Wrapping it up

Dewy skin is the look of today according to the beauty industry. It gives a youthful and healthy appearance. Getting enough sleep, adding antioxidants in your skin care products, finding hydrating ingredients and soothing inflammation will provide a good foundation.

In addition, avoid stripping the skin by over exfoliating or damage due to sun exposure. Massage those products in for deep absorption. To finish apply light, airy makeup and highlight areas that need this.

In conclusion following these steps will help any skin type achieve today’s dewy skin!

Are you sporting the dewy skin look?

Header Photo by Min An from pexels

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