Dry Skin Season

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Dry Skin can be tight and itchy
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Ah its winter again bringing cold temps and gusting winds, which causes us to crank up the heat in our cars and homes. The heat can rob our skin of moisture. Skin can feel tight and flaky. It can begin to itch and even lead to some cracking and continual itching can lead to infection. This can be Dry Skin Season.

Trying to keep the skin moist is important. Here are a few tips.


We can stay hydrated drinking water all year round. It is always important to drink your 8oz x 8 glasses of water each day. This plumps up our skin and moves toxin and waste out of our system.

If you were to need medical attention it’s a challenge inserting an IV into someone who is dehydrated. An extra procedure is Hydration Therapy. So drink your water!

Paraffin Bath Tank

These are great if you happen to own one. It is relaxing to soak hands, elbows and feet in. The wax forms a film on your skin locking in moisture making your skin silky soft. Avoid doing this if you should have any open sores on the area you are submerging in the wax. Watch your time.

This also helps with arthritis and inflammation.

A Paraffin facial or hand treatment is sometimes offered at a salon/spa.  This is not for Rosacea. *Do not apply on face at home.

Warning: Wax can get pretty hot! Using a Paraffin Bath Tank may have contradictions to certain conditions or medication. If you have a condition consult your Doctor first.


These are products that soften and soothe the skin.These can be greasy or non-greasy. They are a bit heavier than your regular moisturizer. Natural ingredients might be: aloe Vera, coconut oil or lanolin (harvested from domestic sheep). There are also synthetic ingredients that might be: acetylated, lanolin alcohol or cetyl acetate.


Gold Bond Ultimate healing (Aloe)

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion



These need to contain oils, ingredients to soften the skin, along with water. It is best to apply the moisturizer on damp skin, right after your shower or bath. You don’t want a product that contains alcohol which is drying and can cause irritation to the skin.


Nivea I always liked, Contains Vit E and JoJoba oil

Eucerin Skin Calming

Gold Bond Dry Skin


*on a budget: I have used Baby Oil. You can buy it at the dollar store. I think it holds moisture in well. I used it right after my shower when my skin was damp. It really softens the skin.

Warning: Be careful with the bottoms of your feet. It is a good idea to put on socks after applying the baby oil to prevent slipping and falling. You could also put socks on your hands for a deep treatment.

Harsh Soaps and Alcohol

(Alcohol consumed as well as in products) can dehydrate the skin. Don’t strip your skin of natural oils with harsh soaps.

Soaps to use:





Hot Showers and Baths

These could be limited. Instead use warm water temps and 10 minutes will do. The heat can rob your skin of natural oils. Pat don’t rub your skin dry.

Apply moisturizer to damp skin after shower or bathing. One with more oil is better for winter skin. Always be careful applying products to your feet so you don’t slip and fall.

Indoor Humidifier

This may improve dry skin by adding moisture back in the air of your home.

You may also achieve this by boiling water on the stove or placing a pan of water on a furnace. Let this evaporate and cool.

Turning the hot water on in your shower without you in it will also put moisture in your living area.

Warning: Please be careful though that kids and pets cannot get near the hot water.

Misting your plants is good for them as well as you.

Cover up

While outside protecting your skin from the environment. This means wearing your hats, gloves and scarfs.

Covering up will prevent you from getting sunburned. You can still get sunburned in the winter so wear sunscreen. (Sun Damage Haunts Me).

Don’t Forget Lips

Remember to use your chapstick or a lip balm. Vaseline can be used in a pinch or as a night time treatment. Vaseline is also good and inexpensive for small dry skin patches.

Other Sites:


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