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Facial for Healthy Skin Cleanse Stress Relief Recommended

female during spa facial having steam (dominique-rivas-tVgjf-Jd-IU-unsplash) facial for healthy skin

Last updated 09/28/2023

Anywhere you go the first thing people notice is your face. Someone could check out your expression or to acknowledge it is you. And depending on the situation you might want to make a good first impression. Facial for healthy skin is a start.

If this is for a special occasion; your wedding or graduation, it’s a must to present your best complexion. You might also be looking for a bit of relaxation during a stressful time. In other words don't forget the facial for glowing skin.

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What is a Facial for Healthy Skin?

It's like this a special cleansing for your face that includes a mask and other products. This is to cleanse and exfoliate which removes dead skin cells. Further steam may be used to soften blackheads and whiteheads to take away later.

All to improve the condition of your skin. As it hydrates skin to give it a youthful appearance. To sum up finally leaving you with a healthy brightened look.

There is also the relaxation aspect. You just rest back while the esthetician does the work. Above all reap being pampered with massages that's all you should think about.

This is a service done by an esthetician at a salon/spa beginning at $45 and up. However, the salon/spa may offer something slightly different so read the fine print and be sure you are interested.

Facial steps may include:
  • Cleansing
  • Steam
  • Exfoliation
  • Skin Analysis
  • Extractions
  • Massage
  • Mask
  • Peel
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Facial for Healthy Skin Benefits

    • Lowers that nasty word ”STRESS”, and stress can cause skin to age
    • Supports blood circulation
    • Includes products to exfoliate, extract and detox all returning fresh and healthy skin to the surface
    • Can include a hand massage, foot massage, scalp/neck and of course face Oh My!  
    • Lymphatic drainage by massage can budge those toxins and other waste products to be eliminated
    • Did I mention a beautiful glow?

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Facial for Healthy Skin What to Expect?

The Esthetician forms an introduction and strolls you back to the room. You are handed a lightweight wrap around gown to switch into and told to settle   on the table. But it kinda looks like a cot resembling a bed.

Your esthetician exits then returns assembling the covers so you aren't exposed. There is usually relaxing  music piped in and an aroma therapy scent misting through the air. As well  as the lights are dim to create even  more of a relaxed atmosphere.

You may have filled out a form upon arriving about your diet, meds and if you have any skin concerns. This would be reviewed, and you may be questioned about your skin. Thus, good time to mention headaches or sinus problem so pressure points can be worked into the massage portion.

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Steps of a Facial


Your hair is wrapped to protect it. The esthetician will begin the cleaning something like the skincare routine you should be following at home. Most importantly all products are selected according to your skin type.

First step cleanser/soap is massaged on your face to remove makeup and anything on the surface of your skin. A hot towel is utilized to gently wipe the cleanser off your face. However hopefully the towel is not too hot.

Second toner/astringent is applied to a cotton wipe and swept over your skin to catch any remaining residue. Meanwhile steam is mist through the air by a steamer widening your pores for the next step. In short this naturally allows the pores to expand without any pressure.

More importantly the steam time depends on whether you have oily skin, dry, normal or like I have Rosacea. I wouldn’t expect to be under the steam for more than a couple minutes because it would irritate my skin. In conclusion this whole process would be gentler.

Skin Analysis

While your skin is being steamed a skin analysis is done. Your eyes are cloaked with a cotton pad while your skin is examined for blemishes, its texture and condition. That is to say this is done by the esthetician glancing through a brightly lit magnifying lamp.

The Esthetician may inquire if you would like extractions. Some salon/spas may charge for this so query if you wish to know. In other words this is to “pop” your; pustules, pimples, blackheads, zits as you may call them.

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And she doesn’t really just “pop” them. She will take a lancet that is in a little sterile package and puncture the tip of the pustule. To sum up this releases the pus.

Any impurities are brushed away with a cotton wipe and astringent. This is done in a sanitary environment and should not be done on your own at home. Furthermore estheticians understand just where to place the lancet to prevent scars from developing.

The extractions may cause some soreness and will take some time to heal. But this is a good idea if you have a lot of acne. Above all the esthetician also has special electrical tools available that nurture the healing process.

So schedule your service a couple weeks before a big occasion. This allows time to heal just encase your skin would purge. More importantly you may take an over the counter pain med if extractions are bothersome.

Esthetician table and tools in room at spa atikah-akhtar-6xlyKFFvufg-unsplash facial for healthy skin

Your Mask

A mask is applied, again depending on your skin type, condition and what is required at the time. This may be applied with a facial brush in addition the massaging starts (alright). Most importantly enjoy your time to relax and be pampered!

To begin a scalp/neck massage then striding around to your hand either applying an oil or lotion. One hand is massaged at a time before scooting to your other hand. The massaging may finish at your feet.

Another hot towel from the caddie is snatched to cleanse excess product off your feet. Because we don’t wish you to slip and tumble while getting dressed. Further should hear water rushing from the sink assuming hands are cleaned after massaging your feet before continuing.

When it is time, your mask is removed with a hot towel. This is then followed by your type of moisturizer (hopefully with SPF) and any treatment products if this is demanded. Similarly, to what you would do at home.

You are left to get dressed and meet at the desk. Drink the glass of water that is offered to rehydrate. Moreover, paying for your service you can pose questions about your skin and products that are recommended.

How Often is a Facial Recommended?

To keep your skin healthy it is recommended to have a facial at least once a month. Of course, this depends on your budget, I understand you. To sum up the minimum is with the evolving of the seasons, so that is four times a year.

Sensitive skin should not overdo any treatment. If once a month seems too much try every 6 weeks, ideally. You           can question your esthetician.

Facial for Healthy Skin for Men

Yes guys get facials too! The process is basically the same, if you have facial hair, it may present a bit of a challenge. Therefore, be sure to mention this when you schedule your facial.

Having a beard, mustache and shaving may arrive with other issues. Still skin demands to be healthy under there. As well as keeping this hair growth looking good.

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Don’t neglect your skin. Inquire the esthetician for suggestions. After all don’t you desire healthy skin?

Beware the Facial Add Ons

These add more cost to your service. My very first facial experience was to treat myself for my birthday with a $45 facial at a local salon.

As I am enjoying resting there with my mask on, the Esthetician inquired would I like a Paraffin hand treatment. Ok I utter, I was relaxing, it sounded so nice!

After that, when I approach the counter to pay, the receptionist requests $80. But I query isn’t a facial $45, mulling how it got so high. In conclusion she states all the add-ons.

Now I understand better. (Course going to school for this helps).

Facial for Healthy Skin on a Budget!

Why not try a service at a school and support a student. You can find listings for schools and their services online. Or, as I do so often, google, facial treatments should work.

It is required to allow more time for the student’s instructor to review the work. In short, it's not the ideally relaxing experience but you learn along with the student. And you are helping someone gain their confidence, experience and polish this skill.

Wrapping it up

Facials are a deep cleansing for your face. This involves  tools that you don't have available at home. An esthetician performs this service containing different steps in a salon/spa surrounding.

The recommendation is that this be done at least every change of season. In addition, it is great for relieving stress, that nasty word! Having a shift in weather like here in WI may alter the needs of your skin. So, a new routine is required to keep your skin healthy and looking its best.

Have you had a facial before? Can you recommend an esthetician?


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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