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Freedom Natural Deodorant Versus Benzene Chemicals in Recall

3 women holding freedom deodorants freedom natural deodorant courtesy Freedom

Last updated 11/10/2022

Most people use a deodorant or antiperspirant every day. Some products could contain cancer causing ingredients. Freedom natural deodorant.

Benzene a chemical that causes cancer was recently found in more than half of 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant.  In fact, antiperspirant is considered an over-the-counter drug here in the US as well as Canada. Moreover, these products have no scientific evidence they are linked to cancer.

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What is Benzene?

WebMD says benzene is a toxic chemical found in natural and manufactured products. Benzene is a substance that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to as a known human carcinogen. Further, it can fool your body’s cells into not working right.

According to the CDC, it is a natural component of crude oil, gasoline and cigarette smoke. Therefore, it could harm your immune system through altering the germ fighting antibodies and white blood cells.

Benzene Recall

In November of 2021 there was a Valisure report done on antiperspirant and body sprays. And high levels of benzene were found in 59 different types of products.

According to the FDA, benzene was not to be used in the manufacture of drug substances or products. It is considered a class one solvent with “unacceptable toxicity”. Proctor and Gamble volunteered to pull 17 different kinds of Old Spice and Secret off the shelves.

What is Valisure?

Valisure is a pharmacy group with a commitment to testing consumer products who performed this independent study. They petitioned the US Food and Drug Administration to issue a recall. In short, the problem was how the product is sprayed.

How Does Natural Deodorant Work?

Natural deodorant still allows your body to sweat. But with the naturally derived botanicals it assists in neutralizing the odor. In addition, many botanicals have antibacterial properties.

These ingredients work by hiding bad odors. Most importantly, they support with minimizing the bacteria present on your skin. Thus, the source of your body odor in the first place.

Benefits of using Natural Deodorant

It Allows you to Sweat

Your body needs to do this to regulate its temperature. This process helps cool you down. In conclusion, natural deodorant will eliminate unwanted odor but still let’s your body sweat and cool you.

Recall we talked about sweat and body odor in another blog? To recap, sweat is not responsible for B.O. Likewise, when it meets the bacteria present on your skin, you smell what we call body odor.

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Skin Friendly Ingredients

You know how sensitive this area is if you have experienced irritation when shaving. Certainly, no product holds a guarantee to be compatible with everyone’s skin. However, for sensitive skin a patch test on a small area can be done before fully applying (try travel size first).

Environment Conscious

It could be you keep the environment in mind by choosing natural and sustainable ingredients in your deodorant.

No Alcohol

Alcohol has been used as an astringent in some brands of deodorants. But it can also kill all the bacteria present on your skin to stop odor. And you know that alcohol can be very drying to your skin.

So, natural botanicals are used to control odor with no drying chemicals. Natural starches (arrowroot) are used to control sweat without clogging your pores. That is to say, botanical ingredients are very soothing on your skin.

No Worries

Making the switch to all-natural deodorant means no worries of harmful ingredients linked to health concerns. It is made with odor-neutralizing botanicals minus artificial fragrances or preservatives. In other words, put your mind at ease by avoiding this risk altogether.

Avoid Pit Stains

It is actually the aluminum in antiperspirants that leaves that dark or yellow pit stain. This is due to mixing with your sweat and then rubbing off on your clothes.

Antiperspirant and Deodorant Detox

Switching from your conventional deodorant to a natural may cause some purging. Although these products contain kaolin clay and arrowroot, may be the reason I didn’t experience this. Meanwhile, if you are working from home what a great opportunity to do this change.

Purging means you could sweat a little more than usual as your body adjust. That is to say, your pores are just unplugging.

When you have used a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant for years it takes time to release all the toxins. It can be 2-4 weeks to detox this from your armpits. As a result, this is what prevented you from sweating.

While detoxing you might notice itchy pits or a rash. Just saying this could happen. In addition, you could be a bit stinker than usual.

To help things along you could apply a charcoal mask or clay mask to your armpit. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing a body detox and using the Megababe charcoal soap (BirchBox), probably helped. Thus, a mask would work just like the ones you use on your face.

Hang in there, you won’t regret it. The natural deodorant will begin to work, and you will have all the benefits.

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Freedom Natural Deodorant Company

Freedom Deodorant was featured in Forbes recently. The company specializes in all natural body products that you can even eat (if you wanted to).

    This includes:

  • Deodorant
  • Body sprays
  • Lip balms
  • Hand sanitizer

Good Housekeeping voted #1. Most importantly, all products are cruelty (leaping bunny certified), aluminum, paraben, phthalate and gluten free.

Freedom has been doing well with a 200 percent year over year growth since its launch. During 2021 eco-friendly, sustainable package was rolled out. Thus, more cardboard like versus the usual plastic container of most deodorants.

And the company gives back to the community. A portion of profits from each sale is donated to cancer charities. You can even donate to either of these when you make a purchase. Furthermore, the pandemic was actually beneficial to the company.

Freedom Natural Deodorant CEO

Ira Kaganovsky Green is a single mother of three young daughters the CEO of Freedom Deodorant.  She launched her company six years ago, and she has stated she found her freedom. Ira was inspired to pursue this journey when three of her closest friends were given a breast cancer diagnosis. Above all, the advice from their doctors was to stop using antiperspirants and to switch to only natural body products.

Even thou these antiperspirants have cancer causing ingredients there is said to be no scientific evidence they lead to cancer. Green tried several natural deodorants on the market and wasn’t happy with the results. Thus, a company began.

The Scents

Since the scent of the deodorant or body product may be a selling point, these are pleasant and not overpowering. The fragrance along with mist evaporates quickly after applying. Moreover, the shower and body mist have a powder-like consistency and are moist once they hit your skin.

Berg-E Mint deodorant eco-friendly (I purchased) also has eucalyptus and looks like a gel. And I am amazed at how dry my underarms feel throughout the day (even after my physically demanding job).

The Scents Available:

  • Magic Lavender
  • Berg-E-Mint
  • Coco-Van
  • Unscented
  • Black Rose
  • Frankincense Peach
  • Sensitive Unscented
  • Sensitive Coco Van
  • Sensitive Jasmine Blossom

Ingredients used at Freedom

Organic Coconut Oil

Freedom uses organic coconut oil in their products because it provides anti-fungal, antibacterial, and skin-moisturizing properties.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer and source of natural vitamins along with fatty acids.

Natural Beeswax

Beeswax gives your skin softness and suppleness.

Baking Soda

Freedom’s deodorant uses baking soda (there are baking soda free varieties) to absorb odors.

Kaolin Clay

This ingredient used in Freedom Natural Deodorant can help unclog your pores and detox your underarms. As you transition from conventional deodorant to natural.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot is used to pull out and absorb that unwanted moisture.

Blend of Essential Oils

Freedom Natural Deodorant makes use of a variety of essential oils that are pleasant and work well with other ingredients. In addition, they keep the stink away but leave you smelling good!

kalos-skincare-jyKa0Ynxvow-unsplash freedom natural deodorant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work?

Yes, I can vouch for this (that's why the blog). I have been using the deodorant for a couple weeks now and I have felt fresher. It’s feels like nothing is there. So go ahead and read their reviews.

How much should be used?

They say a little goes a long way. I just do a couple swipes and I have been good to go all day! My underarms have felt so dry.

Which scent do guys prefer?

There are unscented varieties available. You are encouraged to experiment (again travel size). However, they do say that guys usually favor Bergamot Mint (my boyfriend likes this).

Do you need to reapply?

You can find a video on YouTube where a customer trekked Mount Kilimanjaro wearing Freedom Natural Deodorant. He didn’t reapply. Further, there is no need to it is 24-hour protection.

Does it leave a stain on clothes?

Keep in mind they say a little goes a long way. Just 2-3 swipes and you’re good.

Does this deodorant help with perspiration?

Recall the other blogs where we discussed the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? I can honestly say I am not sweating as much with this product. You might experience a bit more with the detox process, but it will pass.

Wrapping it up

Freedom Natural Deodorant is just that a natural alternative. Make the switch and avoid the unhealthy chemicals and other substances. In conclusion, you may purge a bit going through the underarm detox, but this will soon pass.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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