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There are some aspects about French beauty that we could include more. Facials for example, should not be a luxury but an actual step towards our beauty care and health (they do help with stress relief). A regular facial at least every season, ideally once a month will improve skin appearance. The French do this.

When talking about the “French girl” and no make-up trend it may be implied we are visioning a certain mold. But this is a stereotype because the French girl has many types.

France, as I imagine every country, has people of multi cultures including all body types. These need to be represented as well and not only in France. Putting people in a box is pretty limiting.

The world is a diversity of people and we will probably never truly accept this. It’s like going back to the first Barbie doll being blue eyed and blonde. So many of us did not look like her. No one is better than someone else but we can learn from each other. We need to have an open mind (with all that is going on in the world now).

As women we try to achieve the perfect beauty but it is unattainable. We may be influenced by family and our society. There is so much advice and information everywhere we turn (internet).

Like all of us maybe French women strive too much to actually be perfect. Being able to accept we are not perfect needs balance. I know this is easier said than done and I’ve also been working on this. Too perfect can become fake. So the effortless look is not so effortless. It may take a bit of skincare prepping. We are human after all.

Oue sera, sera, we are all unique and are what we are, we should embrace this.

As with this body image, there was a problem years ago about the models being too thin. A law was passed to regulate the use of models not fitting a healthy (healthy!) BMI (body mass index). This is to discourage eating disorders and inaccessible body images, like I mentioned before.

Anorexia has a connection to telogen effluvium and other illnesses. The attention is a good thing and I’m glad to see this awareness brought forward.

French Influence

We know the French for their fashion houses and spas. The inventions of many spa treatments have been developed in France. They always seem to be a step ahead.

The French woman’s primary fashion accessary is her skin. It is said that they are taught early about the connection of beauty and wellness. Some of their brands may be pricey with the pretty packaging. Some skincare lines have a long history. But things may be changing with a new generation of big consumers.

What you put inside matters. Yes, we all know we need to put nutritious foods inside. Eating a good diet does reflect on your skin. The Mediterranean diet is popular and similar to what Ayurveda practices. We all need to take in veggies. Avoid those processed foods, fresh cooked produce is best. The drinking of red wine with meals, in moderation, for heart health and antioxidants is good.

Hydrate! It is just as important to stay hydrated. The French have many brands of water to push. They also incorporate the use of these waters in their spa treatments.

Mindfulness is part of their constitution. Time is spent enjoying and savoring that cup of coffee with a friend (who wouldn’t while in Paris?) There is a value in being present with the little moments of the day. Stop and smell the roses, so to speak. This is the good life (only one you have)!

Maintain the weight. This is a constant battle. We shouldn’t over indulge with meals. Besides focusing attention on what we eat, small portions should be consumed slowly. Again, more to enjoy.

Be active the trick also is to walk places (if you can) at a brisk pace. Or bike more. Plan your errands and route. This makes the mind happier since you should also be enjoying nature.

Au Natural Skincare

If you love your skin, why not promote it. The French woman tends to purchase more skincare products versus make-up. With these skincare lines having a long history there is a trust in the line.

They are known for their French pharmacies and skincare lines are purchased there. Only the best products are chosen. And these are gaining popularity in more countries.

A popular skincare line has introduced a micellar water, this product is trending. Other popular products include dry shampoos and water sprays.

We all should be raised knowing the importance of our skin and how to take care of it (it is our largest organ). An essential part in caring for their skin is taking advantage of their many spas and going for the regular (maintenance) facial and beauty treatments.

Sometimes it is refreshing to go with less make-up or none at all. Think about the break you are giving your skin to breathe. By not applying layers upon layers of foundation to clog pores, dab a bit of concealer if you must. The actual foundation is the well taken care of skin.

Going au natural means using what Mother Nature gave you. Not contouring the cheek bones or shadowing areas to create illusions like we do. They prefer light instead of dark pigments on skin. Imperfections can be applied to the look. Not worrying about being perfect. Keep things simple. Make-up is to enhance natural features not to invent them.

So whether you wear the red lips and no eye make-up, those smoky eyes and no other make-up the attention is drawn to the one area of your appearance. Achieving this look is all about elegance and confidence.

With make-up I find variety a form of creativity. How do you feel today? Focusing on one aspect gives countless paths to experiment with. Beauty truly comes from within. Just smile! Be yourself.

Live life well. Take the time to pamper your skin morning and night (stress management), be it a bubble bath or hand mask (French inspired?). What do I say? Be good to your skin!

massage service in spa
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Spa Treatments

The facial as with most things in France is aimed at pleasure, no harsh treatments or extractions. The importance is to feel good inside as well as outside.

The French incorporate their surrounding waters in spa treatments also. Minerals such as; Sulfur an antiseptic good for blemished skin and Zinc oxide another antiseptic to help soothe and calm redness on skin.

Algae mask excellent for dry and normal skin to nourish and add minerals. Algae can hydrate and smooth fine lines. Some varieties may be used on oily skin to detox pores. Algae is not to be used if you are allergic to shellfish.

Clay masks to remove impurities with acne pores and good for oily skin. Clays are naturally earthy and rich with minerals. Leaves skin feeling cleansed and balanced.

Mud mask are similar to clay and may add herbs or camphor that are good for blemished skin.

Paraffin mask are used to hydrate dry skin. Good for mature skin to soften wrinkles.

Modelage is a mask treatment that benefits dry skin, as well as deep cleans the pores of acne skin. A nutrient cream is applied and followed with the mask combining to form a plaster cast. It opens the pores due to the heat produced under the mask.

Seaweed Wrap also containing material from the ocean, it is very helpful to treat acne. Because it is a rich source of iodine this too should not be used if you are allergic to shellfish.

Effleurage, a French word meaning “stroking”, this is a massage technique. It is used on all body parts to open the service.

Petrissage is another massage technique that involves squeezing, kneading and wringing the muscles.

Thalassotherapy involves using seawater as a form of therapy. Other marine products may be used. It has been known to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis. Also used in stress relief, weight loss and healing aches and pains.

Balneotherapy is similar involving treatment by bathing in hot springs and other natural waters rich with minerals. It promotes healing through increasing circulation, encouraging detox and relieving stress.

We are all beautiful with our conditions and disorders. I know we don’t always feel like it. Discover your uniqueness.

Have you gone for any of these services? Have you been influenced by the French?

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