Calendula Superstar Herb Differs Marigold Beneficial to Wound Treatment

butterfly on orange calendula flower calendula super herb

The botanical industry sure makes good use of flowers. Oils are extracted from the petals to enhance your products with their scent and more. These flowers are not just for your garden and home, add calendula another beneficial herb.

Washing your Hair Look at Scalp Texture Even Weather

You may get a different answer depending on who you ask. And there are other factors to consider. So how often should you wash your hair? Some say you should never skip washing your hair. Still others talk about the benefits after weeks of not shampooing. In fact there‚Äôs a movement not to shampoo. It …

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Dewy Skin all Types how to Achieve Todays Look

Recently dewy has become the buzzword to describe the recent skin look. We think of a glow from within like having a spritz of mist on resulting as dewy skin. In order to achieve the dewy look you need to find the right steps. This takes a balance of moisture, exfoliation, nutrients and gentleness in …

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Makeup Colors Skin Tone Importance of Knowing your Undertones

Knowing your Undertones

Did you know you have more than one color on your face? You can be a rainbow of colors just on your skin alone. Then your features; eyes and hair also have their color palette. Knowing your undertones helps. When you go for a makeover in a department store the makeup artist examines your complexion. …

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