These Can Harm Our Skin

smoking a bad habit for skin

photo by from Pexels Extrinsic, external, factors can harm our skin. These can be in our environment or habits we have. This includes; the sun, smoking, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, chemicals and chronic stress. These can all affect our skin in a negative way. Sun sun by Pixabay from Pexels The sun helps …

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Aloe Vera in Skin Care

my aloe vera plant by MaryELadd

I love aloe vera mask. They are cool and calming for a rosacea face. More and more the benefits from this plant are being used in products, especially skin care. The plant itself goes back many centuries. Many cultures used it as a medicinal plant. Cleopatra used it daily as part of her skin care. …

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Skincare for Men

Men's Skincare

Men also have skincare needs and should follow a skincare routine. We all want healthy, glowing skin right. It’s not too late to start following a routine. This will improve your appearance. There are a lot of skincare lines out there and some confusion on what does what. It is never too late to get …

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