Dandruff, Those Annoying Flakes

dandruff flakes on female shoulder photo curtesy ShutterStock

Those white scaly flakes falling on our shoulders. How embarrassing and annoying. Chances are many people have had this condition once. The cause of dandruff is unknown, it is harmless and not contagious just a nuance more often males tend to have then females. It can tend to get worse in cold, dry seasons such …

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Dry Skin Season

female with dry skin in winter photo curtesy ShutterStock

Ah its winter again bringing cold temps and gusting winds, which causes us to crank up the heat in our cars and homes. The heat can rob our skin of moisture. Skin can feel tight and flaky. It can begin to itch and even lead to some cracking and continual itching can lead to infection. …

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Head Lice Don’t Need

close up head louse photo curtesy ShutterStock

They have been with us for centuries from Cleopatra’s nit combs to the head lice infestation (Pediculus humanus capitis) during the Victorian period when people shaved their heads and wore wigs. I thought this would be of interest since this is common among young age school children and the kids have been back to school …

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Haunting Sun Damage Years Later Seborrheic Keratosis and More

My seborrheic keratosis on temple haunting sun damage

Haunting Sun Damage Years Later Seborrheic Keratosis and More Last updated 03/21/2022 My generation growing up loved to sit outside and soak up the sun. Little did we know years later what would happen. Haunting sun damage. Yes it rears its ugly head. Now brown crusty patches I find on my skin. Moreover be warned …

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