Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effective Anxiety Depression Treatment

young male sitting on floor in corner alone cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effective Anxiety Depression Treatment fernando-cferdo-6x2iKGi6SPU-unsplash Here is a great tool if you suffer from anxiety or depression written by a medical professional who had his own issues. It’s all about retraining your brain from those negative thoughts you may have. I just finished reading cognitive behavioral therapy. Before the summer began I …

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Self-Care Scalp Massage Benefits Stress Just to Feel Good

male with hand on back of neck photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Have you had your moment of relaxation lately? We all need to take time to de-stress. No matter what you are doing these days there is always stress at some point in our lives. We are living with it more right now. Take some time to tend to you, get grounded and relieve some tension. …

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Yoga for Mind and Body

young people practicing yoga in park photo by Gabby K on from Pexels

Yoga for Mind and Body Breath of Stress Relief Photo by Gabby K on Last updated 01/15/2021 Yoga has something for everyone with a selection of different types. It all depends on your needs, helping all with physical and mental health. It is practiced today by millions, yoga for mind and body. Yoga is …

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Essential Oils to Relax

essential oils to relieve stress by MaryELadd

At some point we have all experienced aromatherapy. We associate fragrance with memories. We need to find all the happy memories we can at this time. And it is always important to find time for ourselves. Take some time out and enjoy an essential oil! So many products contain a scent these days. Aromatherapy is …

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