Yoga Benefits Both Mentally and Physically doing Daily Practice

young female doing yoga on her mat indoors yoga benefits

Yoga Benefits Both Mentally and Physically doing Daily Practice pexels-jess-loiterton-7510364 yoga benefits both mentally and physically It is said that only 15 minutes of yoga is needed every day. Yup, yoga is that potent that doing a simple routine can reap many rewards. Yoga benefits. The beauty is every pose can be modified from beginner, …

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Self-Care Scalp Massage Benefits Stress Just to Feel Good

male with hand on back of neck photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Have you had your moment of relaxation lately? We all need to take time to de-stress. No matter what you are doing these days there is always stress at some point in our lives. We are living with it more right now. Take some time to tend to you, get grounded and relieve some tension. …

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Yoga for Mind and Body Types Hatha to Hot

pregnant woman against mirror in yoga pose yoga for mind and body

Yoga for Mind and Body Types Hatha to Hot pexels-dmytro-2394051 yoga for mind and body Last updated 02/26/2022 Yoga has something for everyone with a selection of different types. Certainly this depends on your needs, helping you with physical and mental health. As a result it is practiced today by millions, yoga for mind and …

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What is Reiki?

Practitioner giving a Reiki session photo curtesy ShutterStock

I have to say it was the most relaxing experience I ever had. For this service you don’t even remove your clothes. Shoes are removed at the door. You just enter the room and lay face up on the table. Then close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths. Relax. When I walked outside everything …

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Essential Oils to Relax

hands holding a bunch of lavender essential oils to relax

Essential Oils to Relax Aromatherapy Origin How to Use vero-photoart-9OflqNWhcrE-unsplash essential oils to relax At some point we have all experienced aromatherapies. We associate fragrance with memories. These days we need to find all the happy memories we can at this time. And it is always important to find time for ourselves. Take some time …

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