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Hyperhidrosis Affects Your Life Socially, Mentally and Physically

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Last updated 07/10/2024

Those who suffer with excessive sweating avoid others because of a fear of being touched. This can give the feeling of being cut off from any human contact. Thus, this makes dating or other common situations very uncomfortable. Hyperhidrosis affects your life.

So, the simple gesture of shaking one’s hand would present a big problem for someone who has palmer hyperhidrosis. For instance, because the hand offered would be sweaty. This is a dilemma with hyperhidrosis.

Furthermore, there is the fear of body odor and one’s clothing being damp. Those diagnosed with hyperhidrosis don’t have additional sweat glands compared to others. But their nerve connected with sweating (sympathetic nerve) is very sensitive and produces additional sweat.

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Hyperhidrosis Affects Your Life

If you have hyperhidrosis you could experience:

  • Worrying over stained clothing
  • Avoiding physical contact
  • Self-conscious
  • Socially withdrawn, possible depression
  • Choosing employment not involving physical contact or human interaction
  • Constant worry about body odor

A large portion of your time includes:

  • Changing clothes
  • Wiping
  • Placing napkins or pads under your arms
  • Washing
  • Wearing bulky or dark clothes

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Hyperhidrosis Affects Social Life

Those suffering from hyperhidrosis in the body areas not covered by clothes usually suffer embarrassing social situations. Having this condition one can struggle with being comfortable in social interactions because of fear that others will notice their sweating. As a result, this could present unwanted attention and embarrassment.

Hand Shaking

For instance, if one has palmar hyperhidrosis, a certain source of embarrassment can be handshaking. Even when meeting someone new, the person will try their best to avoid shaking hands. In short, having a clammy handshake is observed as being cold or a sign that you are nervous. And a sweaty handshake does not strike confidence during a job interview.

Underarm Sweat

Likewise, those who experience excessive sweating of the underarms could have similar discomfort in social gatherings. That is to say, there could be an obsession whether or not others can observe the sweating through their clothes. These individuals could have the desire to change their clothes often. However, they could simply stay away from public locations or social situations altogether to avoid any embarrassment.

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Viewed as Unclean

Excessive sweating is not caused by personal hygiene. But, some typically notice those with hyperhidrosis as being un-hygienic. For example, viewing the visible sweat on the skin surface and the sweat trail left on chairs, counter tops and so on.

Limited with Clothes

On the other hand, you could feel there is a limit to the clothes you wear. So, you choose garments that can assist with hiding the sweating and avoiding sleeveless garments that would show the underarm sweat. This could mean opting for dark colors that don’t usually show sweat stains. In addition, wearing materials that are light, flowing and breathable that won’t cling to the body.

Having plantar hyperhidrosis you could tend to steer towards thick wool or cotton socks that have more absorption. This could also help your shoes last longer. Likewise, if you suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis you could avoid wearing open sandals.

Unfortunately, excessive sweating and social anxiety come together as a package. Thus, many people are forced to create coping mechanisms when they feel like avoiding uncomfortable social gatherings.

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Emotional and Psychological Affects

Certainly, the most devastating affects of hyperhidrosis is emotional and psychological. Through time hyperhidrosis can have a major impact on one’s life living with this condition. A large group of individuals reported the negative impact their excessive sweating had on their emotional well-being. Further, over half state they lack confidence as well as having frustration and depression due to their condition.

Loss of Confidence

Individuals with severe hyperhidrosis find it hard to do the simplest of task, or developing regular social relationships. When those in your social circle don’t have an understanding of hyperhidrosis this can lead to a loss of confidence. Thus, there is no supportive environment.


You could have feelings of being helpless and frustrated with this chronic sweating and no regular social interactions.


In extreme situations, when treatment is not sought the person can develop clinical depression. In short, this could be due to not even realizing hyperhidrosis is a medical condition.

Hyperhidrosis Affects on Professional Life

The embarrassment of this condition often extends to one’s career also. A majority states they are not fully productive at work due to their shame and embarrassment about their excessive sweating. They could avoid a job interview out of fear. Because we know nerves and anxiety produces more sweating.

For instance, the job could require you perform presentations. Likewise, it could entail visiting clients in-person.

This decreases your ambition to pursue advancing in your career. Furthermore, there is the struggle of simple daily task of the job. Those with hyperhidrosis could find it very challenging to type on a keyboard.

Public Appearance

Having to do public appearances can produce more anxiety and stress. Others can hide their anxiety, however those with facial or axillary hyperhidrosis it’s noticed all over their face and underarms. In addition, the situation gets even worse as they are conscious of the excessive sweating.

Recreational Activities

Some individuals could find they are limited with recreational activities they can partake in. In short, there is the difficulty or the ability to use their hands if they suffer from excessive sweating here. In the same vein, playing a musical instrument requires gripping it and the components.

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Intimate Relationships

A large number with hyperhidrosis are uncomfortable having intimate relationships. That is to say, individuals living with hyperhidrosis said their condition really impacted their ability to pursue personal relationships. A survey stated individuals excessive sweating gave negative feelings on their ability to engage in sexual activities.

Holding Hands

Holding the hand of your partner is a normal, expected gesture and helps bring you together as a couple. But, having palmar hyperhidrosis you could be extremely conscious of your sweaty hands and avoid taking your loved ones hands. In conclusion, this can greatly affect the quality of your relationship.

Economic Impact of Hyperhidrosis

And those who suffer from hyperhidrosis are often replacing their clothes and shoes. As a result, these articles get damaged because of the excessive sweating more quickly compared to the average person.

Most importantly, this can be a significant sum of money through the year causing a strain on the family’s finances.

Practical Impact of Hyperhidrosis

Other than the social aspect of palmar hyperhidrosis, it can limit the person’s ability to do some regular tasks.

Holding Tools

Severe types of palmar hyperhidrosis can make it difficult to handle some tools. Not being able to grip these tightly can cause a potential hazard for yourself and others. As a result, less job opportunities and advancement for those with hyperhidrosis in areas like manufacturing.

Writing on Paper

Issues can arise with palmar hyperhidrosis when writing on paper. That is to say, the paper tends to get damp when lying under the hand. Therefore, the writing becomes smudged. This is especially the case in high stress situations when the person sweats even more.


Holding a steering wheel can be a daunting task with excessive sweating on the palms. This can actually be dangerous if driving long hours and in stressful circumstances such as a truck driver.

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Living with Hyperhidrosis

You could often associate sweating as a sign of embarrassment. As a result, your sweat can give off a foul odor and even make the situation worse. Everyone sweats still many of us hide or conceal this every day. So, you can imagine the anxiety and stress that comes along with this excessive sweating condition.

Those suffering from hyperhidrosis live with the anxiety and stress of their sweating daily. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s look at steps to live with this condition and its negative affects.

Get Educated about Your Condition

Firstly, learn all you can about hyperhidrosis. Education is powerful medicine with any condition. Most importantly, ask yourself these questions if you are struggling to find answers.

  • Do I have hyperhidrosis?
  • What causes excessive sweating?
  • What are the side-effects?
  • When will they appear?
  • How can I stop the side-effects?
  • Why do I have hyperhidrosis?

Embrace the Embarrassment

Hyperhidrosis largest and most damaging side effects are the embarrassment and social anxieties that come with it. This has often presented an uncomfortable feeling or embarrassment with seeking help for the condition. You could even stay away from social interactions altogether.

As a result, of your excessive sweating you could feel more nervous or uncomfortable in front of others. This is common and the feelings are natural for those with hyperhidrosis. You are not alone, and your feelings can be managed.

Hyperhidrosis can be extremely disruptive to your normal life. Recognizing these mental and social side effects on your life is the first step in dealing with them. Above all, you can conceal, cover and avoid the uncomfortable sweating scenarios. In addition, there are more permanent treatments.

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Practice Self-care

Self-care can play a major role when you suffer from hyperhidrosis. These techniques can assist with the anxiety you feel because of your condition. And self-care can be utilized to control and maintain some of your excessive sweating.

For example, meditation, yoga, or walking takes you out of your head and puts you in a more relaxed state. These methods can be different for everyone. Most importantly, discover which activity or practice assist with making you most comfortable.

Practicing these methods can help calm you down when you are stressed about your condition. These can even reduce the amount of sweating that may be increased by your anxieties.

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Sweat Reducing Steps

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that can’t completely be managed without medical help. However, there are various sweat reducing tips that can give you some control over your excessive sweating. You could consider applying deodorant sprays, armpit shields or wearing dark clothes.

Natural Remedies

In the same vein as the sweat reducing steps above, there are many natural remedies that can help reduce sweating. For instance, there are some essential oils. These may not be full-proof and their effects can be different with everyone. However, they could be comforting and provide an extra layer of protection.

More Permanent and Proven Solutions

You could research seeking and accepting help from a specialist who is educated on this condition. To sum up, home remedies and stress management can be important tools in dealing with hyperhidrosis, but your situation could need more.

Wrapping it up

We have looked at many ways hyperhidrosis can affect your life. It is a limiting condition. But there is support and treatment.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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