Ice Roller Menopause to Shaving Great Device

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Last updated 03/03/2021

L-a-dies, are you going through menopause? If so, you really need to get this gadget. It feels so wonderful against inflamed skin. And it is so convenient, just waiting in your freezer.

Next time you have a hot flash grab your ice roller. You can place it on the nightstand before bed. Or carry it along with you in a sealed bag. Perfect for on the go. I’m telling you; you need this!

The ice roller just has so many uses. It is good for calming skin, injuries and muscle pain. Anywhere you usually place ice for relief.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes and not for diagnosis.

What is an Ice Roller?

The ice roller simply has two parts: a roller head which attaches to a handle (handy, get it?). This design makes it easy to use over different body areas. Rollers are made with materials that can retain cold such as plastic, encased gel, stone or steel. By storing the device in your refrigerator or freezer for several hours the material grabs enough cold to use for aesthetic and therapeutic benefits.

It goes along the line as we have all done of placing cucumber slices or chilled tea bags on our eyes to reduce puffiness.

As well as bags of ice or ice packs to reduce pain and swelling from injuries or muscle sprains. Though this may be awkward with the heat of your hand or body causing melting and dripping making everything wet (and you just wanted some relief).

The ice roller is much easier to manage and can be used for so many situations.

Don’t forget to clean and sanitize after each use. I just wipe mine with a drop of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Place back into its bag and in the freezer again.

This is what the ice roller does:

Reduce eye puffiness. Now and then we all may experience puffy eyes in the morning making us look tired, right? This may affect the self-esteem. This is a common under eye condition affecting this area with the thinnest very delicate skin.

Other areas where this may occur are the eyelids and as I have, in the corners of the eyes. Reasons for this puffiness can be; lack of sleep (haven’t we all been there) allergies, being sick, eating specific foods and even inheritance (my dad).

The ice roller helps to improve the appearance. When we feel we look good we feel better overall. By just applying gentle cold compresses on these delicate facial areas achieves an alert and refreshed look. Using cold compresses isn’t anything new but this device makes this more enjoyable. The use of cold compression is a fast and simple solution.

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Calm and reduce facial inflammation. Different health conditions and factors can leave broken capillaries, blemishes, redness and blotched skin like rosacea, acne, maskne, lupus, psoriasis and premature aging all have inflammation. Even eczema may present redness.

The device stimulates blood flow to encourage healing. With its cooling benefits it provides stimulation of the lymphatic system. This helps to constrict blood vessels improving the appearance of broken capillaries.

Calm the skin from sunburns (I hope you don’t get these but just encase), bug bites and insect stings by rolling over these areas.

Minimize enlarged pores temporarily. Large pores may be really noticeable.  Applying makeup may even draw more attention to these. The ice roller’s coolness can momentarily shrink the appearance of the large pores.

Soothing irritation. Guys this is a great tool for after shaving to close those pores before you slap on that aftershave with the alcohol in it. It helps to calm skin from razor burns that cause red skin, irritation and pain. Using your ice roller over these affected spots can provide almost immediate comfort.

Ladies same goes for after waxing services or doing this on your own. To soothe skin along with reduce redness.

Help headaches. Face it we are in pain so we have that look on our face. Headaches are usually due to stress, tension or tightening the muscles of our neck and shoulders. You can use your ice roller over areas of your forehead, temples or muscles as an alternative treatment instead of reaching for those over-the-counter pain relievers.

I suffer from sinus pain and this provides relief along these pressure points. I can just feel the release.

Also, if you suffer from TMJ applying this along your jaw can help reduce symptoms of swelling, stiffness and pain.

two ice cubes white background photo by Enrique Zafra from Pexels
two ice cubes white background photo by Enrique Zafra from Pexels

Ice Roller for Rosacea

As a rosacean anything that calms my redness is intriguing. So I checked this out. I purchased one and have been using it for over a week now. I tell you this just feels divine. Plus the other uses and benefits are a good thing.

Having rosacea I was concerned about this being too cold. Extreme cold (as well as heat) is a rosacea trigger. But I am so happy with it! I purchased the gel roller instead of the steel. I advise not to get the steel because this would really hold the temperature (remember a Christmas Story where the kid has his tongue stuck on a pole? Funny then as adults not so much).

Anyway, don’t apply the ice roller directly to your skin from freezer. Give it like 10 minutes to defrost. You can still roll it on your décolleté or under chin. You don’t want the facial skin to become a deeper red.

I think the idea of constantly moving the device, as in rolling, is the key. Where in the past (have you done this?) I have held ice packs or soda cans to my cheeks making my appearance worse (but it felt so good). You move the roller back and forth all over the face for ten to fifteen minutes.

I purchased the Esarora based on reviews for my needs. It does make a bit of noise because it’s a roller but this is not intolerable to me.

I think you would be happy with this also. My face stays cool for quite a while afterwards. It just feels so good on my skin and it is easy to handle to boot!

Who Could Benefit from Ice Roller?

All in all this is a great device to have for any first aid kit!

  • Medical staff wearing a mask for long periods
  • Anyone suffering with any area of inflammation
  • For emergencies such as; injury or pain
  • Dental procedures, cosmetic surgery, anytime ice could be applied
  • Take to athletic field or gym
  • Estheticians for ice facial or anyone needing a facial perk
  • Massage therapist/physical therapist; for clients needing pain relief
  • On your next trip to the beach (just saying, of course you are wearing sunscreen)

So many possibilities!

What to Consider when Purchasing Ice Roller:

If you have long hair you might want to pull it back, it may get caught in the roller. Not that it affects it but for your own comfort.

The Esarora is awkward to get on the delicate eye area because of its size but not undoable, I’m careful under eye area. If this is your main need for it you might look into other brands or try the Gua Sha roller.

This brand also makes a bit of noise (because of the rolling process) if you’re sound sensitive you might consider this. I don’t believe it is unbearable.

I purchased the Esarora with just the gel roller because metal holds the cold (extremes rosacea trigger).

The steel is more durable thus expensive.

The shape may matter thinking about areas intended to use it for. Most rollers come as somewhat of a triangle with the head as the top making it easy to handle. It could also have a spherical head instead of rectangular.

The time to freeze may vary. You may not be able to get the full benefits the first time if you don’t allow for this. And you may want to let it defrost a couple minutes taking it out (rosacea) it could be too cold.

It’s worth it! What do you think?

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Header Photo ice cubes with black background by pixabay from Pexels

Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fourteen years.
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