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Thus, an injury to your eye can also interfere with your eyelid movement.

Botox Injections

As a result, disruption of blood supply to the small blood vessels.

Botox injections work by paralyzing the muscles of your eyebrow or lid. For instance, if this is placed wrong it can lead to issues.

Third Nerve Palsy

How do Eyelids Work?

Your upper eyelid is controlled by a levator muscle. This cradles it in place to go up and down as it covers and uncovers your eye. In addition, there is a smaller muscle supporting this process.

Plus another muscle beneath your eyebrow’s skin aids with rising from above. In any or all three of these muscles or their tendons could be weakness or damage. As a result this can cause drooping.

Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease causing fatigue and lack of muscle control.

Instant Eye Lift Droopy Ptosis Causes Corrective Eyelid Strips

black and white sideview of eye ptosis instant eye lift

If you visit Pinterest, you may have seen this ad. It caught my eye so to speak. Instant eye lift I was curious.

Sounds simple enough. All it entails is this little tool. Similarly looks like a piece of tape shaped like an eyelid.

This could shape saggy, droopy, hooded and tired eyes into a thing of the past. Seemingly it also is fast and doesn’t hurt. In other words doesn’t involve needles or surgery.

  1. Comparing these options:

    • Fillers-a popular fix that is costly.
    • Treatments-are acquired at a spa or clinic are also expensive and don’t necessarily solve the issue.
    • Surgery-this involves pain, recovery time and more money. Not always good results.

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Possible Causes for Droopy Eyelids


Yes this is usually the culprit. Lose of collagen forms muscles, tendons and skin to become weaker, lose volume and otherwise sag.

A stroke is a medical emergency. If one eye or one side of your face suddenly droops call 911.

If drooping or sagging becomes extreme it could affect your vision. As well as cause cosmetic concerns and other health issues.

One of the nerves that control movement is damaged.


Neurological or Paralytic Disease

A droopy eyelid can occur after having a peripheral nerve damaged that supports the control of the eyelid function.

Contours RX was founded by Britain Todd. Like so many of us Britain noticed her eyelids were sagging. In her thirties,   as a busy single mom, her eyelids felt heavier molding her tired appearance. Likewise she knew this ran in her family.

At one time she had considered blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Realizing her choices to live with the condition or have the surgery she saw a demand for another option. So she teamed up with a medical company and the eyelid correcting strip was born. Thus since 2014, with this ground shattering product Britain has assisted thousands to look and feel their best.

Eye Injury


To achieve your ideal look they can be worn every day and there are different widths available. For example Lids by Design are the one I’m researching here by Contours RX.

You know the appearance of your eyes can age you. According to Contours RX this product is taking the beauty  industry by storm. In addition it comes  in an easily workable 5mm size (other sizes available).

This gives you 80 strips for $31.95 (+S&H). Lids by Designs claims they are guaranteed to work on everyone’s eyelid no matter what skin tone. In short I mean the before and after shots are amazing!

lg teal graphics


Myasthenia Gravis

The eye drops utilized to treat glaucoma can cause loss of fat in your upper eyelid area.

I am not an affiliate of Contour RX or for Lids by Design. So I am not being paid for this blog post by either.

What is Contour RX?

Contour RX has created a number of nonsurgical cosmetics. All their revolutionary items are medical-grade, hypoallergenic and latex-free. So, products are ensured to be safe.

The company has been featured in many national and international publications including ELLE, NEWBEAUTY and ALLURE MAGAZINES.

Correct Asymmetry

Britain Todd

Instant Eye Lift the Corrective Strips

If your droopy, saggy eyelids are the result of aging this product will create that youthful appearance again.

These are referred to as corrective strips for your eyes. Imagine all you have to do is place this on your eyelid. Furthermore there are a number of brands but not all have good results.

Their purpose it raves is to redefine while recontouring your eyelids. The strips also create a beautiful and natural crease. Moreover, presenting your eyes with a bigger and bolder appearance.

This is a solution for hooded, droopy eyes when surgery is not an option. No recovery time demanded plus its risk free and safe.

Instant Eye Lift Lids By Design

The claims:

Design is Inclusive

No other product can compare. The only one created by medical experts. Made latex-free, hypoallergenic and for all skin tones.

Can Men Wear the Strips?

Results are Immediate

These translucent strips just require you place them on your upper lids. No surgery or fillers. So results are seen instantly.

Totally Safe

They are said to be a medical grade, safe to wear and allergic reactions are unlikely.


They say the heavier your eyelid (more skin) determines the size you will need. But the shape of your eye may also be a factor. Therefore read product descriptions carefully or try the Discovery kit to pinpoint your correct fit and lift.

  1. Size Chart:

    • 3mm-slight
    • 4mm-subtle
    • 5mm-casual
    • 6mm-moderate
    • 7mm-dramatic
    • 8mm-maximum

As all eyelids are not the same this product can correct the asymmetry.

It may take a bit of practice. This is why they suggest using one strip until you get the process down. So, it is your practice strip. However, replace with a fresh strip if you intend to wear it all day.

Help for Your Upper Eyelids

What is in the Box?

Yes, they are safe with non-irritating materials. Thus they are suitable if you are a contact lens wearer.

    • 20x3mm strips
    • 20x4mm strips
    • 10x5mm strips
    • 10x6mm strips
    • 10x7mm strips
    • 10x8mm strips
    • Tweezers

No Surgery Involved

Common Concerns with the Corrective Strips

I can’t Apply Right

Your appearance will alter immediately. And this will last as long as you have the strips on.

FAQs Concerning the Corrective Strips

Can I Still Wear Makeup?

Yes, the strips are put on first. Then you can apply your makeup over them. Furthermore Contour RX offers an All in one pencil.

Wasted Time Placing

Each box should arrive with an entire month supply of correcting strips (80). Plus a pair of tweezers (for applying) along with extra strips to practice with. Further if you purchase a variety pack (Discovery Kit) this has:

Yes, these can be worn by all genders. As well as technology that is transparent and comfortable to wear daily.

As with anything new it takes practice. Contours RX offers tutorials on the website or YouTube channel.

They Won’t Stay/or Stick

Make sure your skin is clean and dry, without oils, makeup or moisturizers. They suggest using their Eyelid Prep Pads. Also it is pointed out not to touch strips with your fingers and use the stainless steel tweezers provided.

Although they are not meant to be reused you can practice with one strip. Remember this one won’t be transparent or stick any longer. So when you’re happy with the placement put a fresh one on.

Strips are Uncomfortable/When I Blink I Feel Them

It is stated this experience usually means you selected the wrong size and should go smaller. Another sign of this is being uncomfortable gazing up. In other words the strips should be comfortable and not noticed with the correct size and placement. Still they suggest trying their Discovery Kit.

The Strip Folded Along With my Eyelid

Will Strips Last all Day?

Yes, for extended wear follow instructions. They need to be applied to clean, dry eyelids without oils, makeup and moisturizers. Most importantly the organic-based adhesive was made to last for 24 hours with correct application.

This could be you selected a size too small for your eye or it is on too low. For instance you could try placing it higher or go up a size.

How do I Select a Size?

What if Placement is Wrong?

If you have tried a corrective eyelid strip or are planning on trying one let me know by leaving a comment.

Can These be Worn with Contact Lens?

When Will I see a Difference?

Will There be a Residue Left Behind?

They say no. Because of the organic-based adhesive used the strips should separate cleanly and completely from your skin.

droopy upper eyelid instant eye lift

You have placed the strip too high and it is folding along with the excess skin. Thus to prevent this, put strips where the sagging skin is folding.

I See no difference

Wrapping it up

Lids by Design is a temporary fix for drooping upper eyelids. The transformation is awesome. However strips can’t be used more than once so consider the cost of replacing.

Contours RX is the #1 brand. They obviously achieve a younger look and are popular according to reviews. As a result an instant fix for droopy, saggy upper eyelids.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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