Pets Love Away Our Stress

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Lily and Ginger by MaryELadd

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Our pets help with stress, anxiety and depression. We have to smile and laugh with their crazy antics. We are so devoted to our companions. They teach us to play and be active (for anxiety support groups).

If you have a pet you know the impact they provide our lives. We are happier therefore mentally healthier.

Do you remember bringing your furry baby home? The fresh smell, maybe it looked tiny and awkward. But then it grew. Now your pet never leaves your side. Just wants to be with you.

Maybe your pet isn’t furry. It has scales or feathers. Whatever your choice, it’s your baby and you love it just the same.

My Kids

I have four legged furry babies. They are so full of unconditional love. As long as they have the basic needs: food, water, comfortable place to sleep, somewhere they can relieve themselves and play/cuddle time. What a life of luxury.

Always entertaining. Each has their own personality. Can’t imagine life without them. They are such great companions. They have given me so many stories through the years. I consider them family, my babies.

They get spoiled, of course. We wonder what to feed them. If they’ll like the new toy (they have favorites). We worry about taking them to the vet and them getting sick (COVID-19 has been showing up in big cats). Just like kids.

All the cuddling, rubbing and licking for affection. They are great at chasing stress away. Pet me, play with me. We have plenty of time now for this. Take your dog for a walk (please practice social distancing & wear your mask, Just Walk Away Stress).

I have often thought how great to grow up on a farm (my parents had) being surrounded by animals. My idea of heaven (but with books too).

The cats get up in the morning and come to bed at night (kinda off schedule now due to COVID-19, please refer to CDC & WHO websites for current updates). Lily is at the door when we come home from work or errands. Then she has to do a sideways somersault and throw her legs up, always cute no matter how many times we see it.

We like to spend money on our pets. Pet food, toys, clothes maybe, and necessities are a growing industry. And new entrepreneurs come up with other items for our companions. We want our pets to be happy.


Lily will be 5 in July (we have taken the 4th because she is such a firecracker).

Lily likes to do yoga. She lays on her back on the floor and stretches. I’ll join her and she’ll walk around me meowing. She climbs on top of me, maybe a new trend huh. The things they get us to do. And she loves horsey back rides. She jumps on my back and lies across my shoulder blades. Nuzzling against my ear and purring away.

Lily is a lover she even has a heart tattoo (ok just kidding). She does have a shape under her chin resembling a heart. The vet even commented on it.


amber was the color of her eyes

It was a bad year. I lost my dad that March. Amber was 8 years and her liver was shutting down that August.

I had spent two days one summer walking the floor because she had gotten outside. Every minute I could I walked the neighborhood calling her name. It poured those two nights and I was worried sick wondering where she could be. My poor baby out there.

Having searched all the shelters for her and posted her pic (mentioned on fb) we finally found her under the stairs. I was over joyed to have her back. She was my cuddle bunny at night. “Pumpkin” (they all have pet names 🙂 ) would lie down by my side.

She once rolled over and meowed loudly because I was talking too much. Amber wanted to sleep!

Amber, my boyfriend often kids, had a thing for swatting things off tables. Stuff was just in her way. She was my biggest girl. A calico, long body and tall, an armful of beautiful colors. She would pull away from me when I held her.

The girls were all rescues. When we brought Ginger and her home they spent weeks under the bed. They had kennel cough. I didn’t get to coddle them at the start. So Amber and Ginger weren’t affectionate. Thou I tried.

Having to put one down takes a piece of my heart. I’ve been through this quite a few times. I cherish the time spent with each and miss them all. It’s so hard saying good-bye.

How do you explain this to the other? I know they must sense it by our emotions. Ginger also went into mourning. She meowed at the door. She sat on the bed at night, waiting and looking.  My heart broke for her too.

I have a shelf with each urn. They have their favorite toy on top and a few pictures. They are still close by.

Lily Changed Everything

Lily was 3 months when we brought her home. I had never gotten one so young before. She was just bursting with energy and kept chasing Ginger around. I had some sleepless nights.

We really consider her a gift with her heart under her chin. I believe my dad and grandmother (she loved cats) sent her. She has really changed our lives around.

Ginger will be 13, August 22nd. She has become the perfect big sister. Always looking out for Lily. Ginger has now become lovey, dovey herself. She saw Lily getting attention and figured it must be ok. So she now wants lap time too.

Lily still chases Ginger around. She keeps her on her toes. Lily is still the baby. They share the same space and will cuddle together now and then.

The latest thing is napping in the laundry basket with the clean clothes. Lily will meet me at the door and climb in. Getting a ride is a bonus. And they both like to get a ride around the apartment in the laundry basket.


sisters by adoption

Ginger loves to eat. She is in the kitchen first thing meowing for canned food. And she devours it. She will move in on Lily’s if we don’t watch her. Ginger got in the habit of begging for table scraps. I always shared. Lily isn’t interested, this is a good thing.

In the evening they get treats. We found some that Lily will eat. Now she perks up at this time.

Ginger’s other favorite pass-time is sleeping. She has so many napping spots. They both will sometimes put a paw over their eyes. Wonder what they actually dream about. Ginger will put out a heavy sigh and purr herself to sleep. She now lies by my side. She used to chase Amber off.

Lily lies by my lower leg now. She out grew my pillow, I guess. Or she climbs on top of my hip or shoulder. She hangs over and looks at me with those green eyes. Early, early morning she meows in or sticks her nose in my ear. Of course, we can’t be mad at them too long, they are so lovable.

Lily is mommy’s favorite masseuse. She kneads my neck purring away. Sometimes she does this early, early morning when I’d rather sleep (she is special).

The girls have balcony access. Chicken wire keeps them from hanging over. They get fresh air and can watch the birdies. Lily has her dirt box.

Once upon a time, I believe it had cat grass in. My boyfriend was going to throw it out. Lily put her paws down and protested. It is an old cat pan. She dives in, dirt flies, laying down or scratching around. She needs to feel grounded.

My boyfriend put up shelves for them. Lily just races up these. We hope she doesn’t go flying off the top one day onto the plant rack. Then she hangs her head over like a bat looking at us. Ginger doesn’t go to the top. She has gained confidence in going up a few and has napped there.

Well I could go on and on. I’m sure you have loving stories of your special companion. They are such joy! Give your pet a hug and love away the stress!

(Suggestions for stress relief). (For anxiety support groups).

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