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Why not read a book? I love to read, (Sun Damage Haunts Me). I have a little library of books I’ve collected over the years which has changed at times. My collection may take a different path, but I continue to collect books.

We see libraries in classic movies. For centuries people valued their books, every home seemed to have a library. Maybe it’s my generation; I have always had a passion for books. In this age of modern technology though people tend to have their Kindle.

I’m not talking about reading magazines where you go from article to article. A book you spend some time with. It’s the ultimate escape from things.

I still love Barnes & Noble. Books everywhere! I have often said I’d like to take a two-week vacation there. What more do I need? Starbucks coffee and treats, a comfy chair by a sunny window and peace and quiet. My heaven!

You can find a book in any and every subject imaginable. I have read autobiographies like I mentioned; Olivia’s memories (Breast Cancer Awareness). History buffs can go back in time with Ulysses S. Grant recapping his battles.

I have traveled to the castles of Scotland. Read the history of the Queens & Kings of England. Take a trip to Ireland or Peru. It’s all your choice!

Find a book for a new hobby or project. Just curl up and relax.

Follow characters like Scarpetta in Patricia Cornwell’s murder mysteries. Or Albert Einstein’s wife by Marie Benedict or Mrs. Poe (Edgar Allen Poe) by Lynn Cullen.

I have followed the series of both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Magical and mystical. Release your imagination!

If you are a Downton Abby fan (yes, I am!) I bought all the books by Fellowes. Love the tidbits of history and recipes are a cool idea (someday I may get to trying these).

My boyfriend thinks I have way too many books, but they are my joy.

Benefits of Reading

Yes there are benefits. Why not escape for a while in a good book? Your attention is drawn somewhere else away from things that are stressing you out.

Your mind is engaged in another world in the pages of a book. Maybe you can relate to the character in some way. Reading a book has been known to relax your body and it’s tight muscles this lowers your heart rate.

Just find a book that peaks your interest and stay with it without interruption. It is convenient to pick up the book at any time and get away for a bit.

Reading can expand your mind. Learn something new about a hobby, history or a destination. There is no limit.

Make this your time. Find a quiet spot and turn off your electronics.

Reading may help prevent Alzheimer’s. It can help with concentration and memory.

I have always found escaping in a good book a form of therapy. (And inexpensive).

Reading can improve your English and vocabulary. Say you find a new word. You can look up the definition in a dictionary, another book. You are becoming smarter.

Self-help books can help with depression. You can go on a journey of change and growth. Find a new way of doing things. Relieving anxiety is big on my list for this New Year. I always loved Leo Buscaglia he has made me laugh and cry at the same time.

It can ground you. After escaping for a while you may come back with a different perspective. Hopefully you are calmer.

Time to Read

Some chose to read before bed to calm down from a busy day. But when there is a moment for YOU is always good.

Others chose a break from work during lunch. Don’t forget about your job if you are at work. (Yes, you have to go back for that paycheck).

Make this your time. Find a quiet spot and turn off your electronics.

Books on a Budget

Of course you don’t have to spend money on purchasing a book. You can always rent a book with your local library card. If you don’t already have a library card why not sign up for one? I don’t believe there is a charge but you would have to look into it in your location.

You don’t have to pay a lot for a book. There are retail outlets like Half Priced Books. You may go on an adventure or treasure hunt searching for one. Used books are available at Goodwill or your local library may have a book sale one weekend.

I have seen these stands along streets where books are swapped. I have not bought many books on-line but they can be purchased through Amazon: Thriftbooks or off Ebay. Or start something new and swap with a friend.

Whatever book you chose or where to find one, Enjoy this time!

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