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This is a list of tools I recommend to help with blogging if you are interested. These make things so much easier.

This blog contains affiliate links (ADS) meaning I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. Thanks you so much!

These are most likely all affiliate links.


ShareaSale is the sponser for most of the links you see here. And we want these ads to earn us money, right. Just check out my choices. Depending on your niche there is a wide variety of affiliates to choose from for you to work with.

Their dashboard holds all sorts of info from your reports to the status of the merchants you choose. You can make a page or your own product show case. Merchants supply banners, text links, datafeed links, create your own link from a page on the website.

You chose from dirdep or to cut a check for your payments. Easy peasy. Each affiliate has their info on a page including your commission rates. I find shareasale has more options than Amazon. Can you earn 150 bucks from Amazon as their affiliate per sale? This is what Shareasale pays each time I get someone to sign with them. I'm totally happy with this service. If you have ? drop me a comment.


SiteGround is the second home for my blog. Yeah, I wasn't happy where I was living before. And, they were so helpful with my migration! Siteground was there every step of the way. You know how stressful it is moving. Bummer right, I hate it. But I am so thankful I had no problems. Everything was set up in no time at all. I redirected my DNS and there my blog was. So cool.

Now I am an affiliate and can earn money to pay for my rent here :) Payment is through PayPal or wire but it's paid out weekly if you reach the minimum.

SiteGround has their own SEO plugin, one of the benefits they offer. So if you want a great place to move your site or store here it is!

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress AD

SeedProd I am also a big fan off. Create beautiful landing pages, maintenance page and error pages with helpful tools and templates.

You can view my pages on the links below. I also design my Thank-You and freebies through them.

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Maintenance Page - (

Make Sure you Blog Legally

You might have seen Amira on Facebook or Pinterest. She is one busy lady! There is a ton of info she puts out there. Here is her Facebook link

 ASelfGuru - Biz Blog Community | Facebook

As a new blogger and not a lawyer I had no idea where to start with all the legal stuff. This is where a Self Guru helped. She is a professional lawyer and also a blogger, so she has the experience.

In addition, this saved me so much time and no headaches. Her templates are so convenient, easy and affordable. This was worth it.

The legal documents give a professional look. No more stressing over these things more time to write content, right. I have also included a helpful article and my document links.

(Affiliate Ad a Self Guru)

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