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Rosacea Skincare Affiliate Products to Soothe and Calm Redness

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Last updated 04/01/2023

Rosacea skin is all about inflammation in the face, especially the cheeks. Products to address this require ingredients that hydrate, calm and soothe the skin. Rosacea skincare.

So, I thought this would be a great opportunity to list affiliate products that can help with this concern. Rosacea demands taking care of the facial redness. Certain ingredients are super at doing this.

While others may have the opposite reaction and cause flare ups. It’s up to you to distinguish your own particular triggers. A helpful task is keeping a journal on your reactions to specific fragrances and foods you may eat.

This is kinda like going window shopping. Are you ready?

This blog post is mainly affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me with earning a percentage from the products you purchase. Thank you!

Rosacea Skincare

Alchimie Forever

First up is Alchimie Forever.  Products are found under concerns as sensitive skin and redness or under categories as Kantic Collection. Furthermore, the website has an awards program. In the press is a category listing articles that have been published in beauty mags.

Likewise, there is a full ingredient list with definitions. Videos are also available for view. And reviews to read.

Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask

This mask boost natural botanicals that soothe, hydrate, protect and brighten. It is said to be loved by celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors. In short, one ingredient to calm redness is wild pansies.

Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask - $22.50

from: Alchimie Forever, LLC AD

Kantic Calming Cream

This is absolutely a miracle worker that instantly calms redness and irritation. The cream was mentioned InStyle.

Read my product reviews. I was amazed at how quickly my facial redness diminished.  In conclusion, it’s rich in antioxidants.

Kantic Calming Cream - $71.00

from: Alchimie Forever, LLC AD

Kantic Light Clarifying Cream

Kantic Light Clariifying Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that provides hydration in a gel-cream form. Rosemary extract is used in this item as well as others for its soothing and calming properties. The herb promotes the look of clear, blemish-free, healthy-looking skin. Jojoba is included for its sebum-balancing qualities to support control of shine and excess oil.

Kantic Light Clarifying Cream - $71.00

from: Alchimie Forever, LLC AD

Kantic Nourishing Cream

Kantic Nourishing Cream contains natural antioxidants taken from European blueberries and grape seeds. These have qualities to reduce the appearance of redness. Therefore, it is also rich with emollients like jojoba and vitamin E.

Kantic+ Nourishing Cream - $81.00

from: Alchimie Forever, LLC AD

Gentle Cream Cleanser

This cleanser reduces redness. The ingredients list antioxidants like cucumbers and mallow. And it’s non-foaming, hydrating and soothing. Also includes rose to soften and encourage comfort.

Gentle Cream Cleanser - $43.00

from: Alchimie Forever, LLC AD

The Ayurveda Experience

In Ayurveda redness is linked to the pitta dosha. It is considered sensitive skin and holds a lot of heat. There are a number of products to choose from their five brands.

Slideshows available and product reviews. What I love about this site, a free 15-minute video call with an Ayurveda Expert. Super! 100% satisfaction with 30-day money back guarantee.

A lot of selections to shop concern, category, brand, skin type. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. In conclusion, you can learn all about Ayurveda here.


Replenishing Serum

Not only is it good for rosacea but can soothe irritated skin after waxing or plucking treatments. Key herbs are Oat Peptides and dhatelo seed.

Curcuma Narangi Gentle Cleansing Crème

This is good for dry, sensitive skin and contains my favorite ingredient aloe Vera. In addition, lemongrass and sweet orange.  Turmeric and Calendula form a team to get rid of impurities. So, redness is reduced.


The Ajara brand offers Daily Face Care kit (AD) for sensitive skin.

Specially formulated for issues like:

  • Sensitivity
  • Blotchy redness
  • Dry patches
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation

In the kit are:

  • Cedarwood Rose Calming Cleanser
  • Lavender Licorice Restorative Exfoliator
  • Sweetgrass Aloe Refreshing Toner
  • Sandalwood Ylang-Ylang Serene Serum
  • Tulsi Neem Redeem Concentrate


Prinourish Skin Enriching Superfood Serum

The serum includes Almond oil, Olive oil, Turmeric, mango and more.

Prinourish Skin-Enriching Superfood Serum - With Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Turmeric, Mango and More Ayurvedic Herbs AD

A. Modernica Naturalis

Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly

This is the newest brand. The cleansing jelly is also good for blemished or acne prone skin. To sum up, it contains Kalonj seed, licorice and saffron. In addition, complexion transforming niacinamide.

Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleaning Jelly AD

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

I love Ora’s products just check out my product reviews. Sign up for a skincare subscription box if you are interested in trying new products. Shop by skincare concern or body area. She offers gifts and sets.

Magic Face Potion

I love, love, love this serum. It is very hydrating and leaves my skin smooth. Has an earthy scent. A few drops goes a long way. Soothing for adult acne as well.

Ingredients included:

  • Sea buckthorn
  • Licorice root
  • Evening primrose
  • Frankincense

Ultra Healing Body Butter, Citrus Grove

This has a sweet, pretty scent not what I would consider citrus. But I love it just the same. It is rich and you only need a bit. Interesting to know, mosquitoes don’t like this scent.

In short, the ingredients are:

  • Shea butter
  • Bergamot
  • Sweet marjoram
  • Meadowfoam

Licorice Love, (formerly Rejuvi-Cleanse)

This is a powder consistency. It can also be left on longer for a mask.

I have never used a powdered face cleanser before. And this has been a different experience. But I do love the results. My face is not as red when using this.

It has a faint scent of cardamom. And is combined with licorice root, arrowroot and clay. So, check out the video on YouTube, she mixes in a bowl.

smteal graphics

Baby Oil with Calendula and Licorice

This product also comes up under a rosacea search. I haven’t tried it but am interested. From the reviews adults are using for other conditions. For instance, one woman is using during her radiation treatments.

And another applies it on her eczema. I love that it contains jojoba oil.

Calendula oil can also be purchased as part of a set along with calendula salve. There is a Face Love Magic set combining the Licorice Love as well.

Calendula Oil with Licorice Root - $20.97

from: Ora's Amazing Herbal AD


Shop by concern or ecosystem. This affiliate also offers a consultation for product assistance. Each description gives an estimate of how long the product will last. Certainly, watch videos and read reviews.


Sacred Waters Tonique

Spritz during the day to hydrate skin. Not an astringent. Organic gentian roots a key ingredient aids to brighten and whiten skin. In addition, Gotu Kola an essential antioxidant supports prevention of environmental stress.

Serene - Sacred Waters Tonique - $46.00

from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare AD


Clear Condition Facial Oil

Great for oily and blemish prone skin. This product is rich in omega fatty acids and phytonutrients to diminish redness.

Oils are combined such as:

  • Cranberry oil
  • Blackberry seed oil
  • Organic Sacha Inchi oil

Flawless - Clear Condition Facial Oil - $66.00

from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare AD
pexels-shiny-diamond-3762642 rosacea skincare affiliate products


Loving Recovery Beta-glutan Mask

Won the Best Face Mask Award from Healing Lifestyles & Spas in 2017. Contains oat milk and cupuacu butter and passionflower. The mask can be applied once a week.


Sensitive Care Complex

Ideal moisturizer for reducing redness. In addition, adding tone and texture if your face is extremely reactive. Thus, it is unscented. Main ingredients are calendula and marshmallow.


A+ & Correcting Serum

The serum assists with skin health and to balance the microbiome. Moisturizing themed with rose. Niacinamide an active ingredient improves dark marks due to acne. Also includes Bergamot and Frankincense for a refreshing scent.


Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Ideal product especially for reactive skin types. Organic soapbark extract of a food-grade creates a somewhat bubbly gel facial cleanser. Free is unscented. And the cleanser has won Best Facial Cleanser & Best Facial cleanser for oily skin.


Omega Miracle Facial Oil

Your skin loses the protection of its own natural oils with age as this diminishes. Skin is left vulnerable to environmental damage and stress.

Restore oil offers a shield to protect skin’s firm and glowing appearance. Includes 16 active ingredients.


InfiniteAloe provides a list of ingredients and definitions. As well as usage, tips, storage and FAQs. Aloe vera is 100% organically grown.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All products are great for rosacea. You can choose items that are fragrance Free. This ingredient is super hydrating and I love it!

Products include:

  • Everyday Hero Illuminate Brightening
  • Harmonize Hydrating
  • Baby Soft Scrub
  • Nordic Mud Peat Mask
Wrapping it up

Rosacea has triggers that vary from one person to the next. Skincare that works for a friend may not work for you. But don’t give up.

Affiliates have trial or travel sizes that are perfect if you just want to check the product out before spending more. You can also make payments. That is to say, you should be addressing your disorder.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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