Skin Support Groups

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This list is not meant as an endorsement or promotion of any kind. It's simply to educate and pass on information. My hope is to assist you in your search and cut out a few steps for you. I would like you to find support if you need it.


A charity in the UK where you can discuss living with a health condition.

Meet up with others in your location, has the largest HIV group. For help with your career or business.

NAM is charity based in the UK. there are other websites linked. find info on HIV and AIDS.

Alopecia (hair loss)

Providing information on prevention and treatment for those with hair loss.

Not only for hair loss has a number of support programs for certain conditions including; rosacea, eczema, dry skin etc.

Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (C.A.R.F.)

Support and meetings, tools and haircare tips.

Lady Alopecia  blogging about her journey

Advice from an actual bald lady (Emma). She has been blogging for awhile now on her condition.

Women's hair loss project  blog support WHLP                  Help-Hope-Understanding

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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety and Phobias


Creaky Joints

Inspire, empower and support arthritis patients

Birth Defects

March of Dimes

Tools and resources

National Birth Defects Prevention Network

Offers publications and webinars

WIC Works Resources System

Government program

Blind (Vision loss)

American Council of the Blind


American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

National Federation of the Blind


Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior

This includes trichotillomania ( hair pulling), dermatillomania/excoriation (skin picking) and onychophagia (nail biting). (Also subtypes).

The TLC Foundation

(The TLC Foundation has given permission to list them. They offer many support groups for these disorders and helpful information). 10/05/2020





Visit or call 866-324-0908 now!

For a free consultation please visit: or email Chaille directly at

For more information, please visit:



Phone: (970) 644-5333  Online Coaching and Counseling



310-824-5200 x4



For US calls: 561-299-4911







Hair Pulling  Trichotillomania Blogger. Naturally-Minded.  Jesus Obsessed. Empath by Lesley trichy blog for support

Skin Picking       (TLC) (TLC)     US

@pickingmefdn (Picking Me Foundation)

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Coalition

Raising Awareness of Male Breast Cancer



Support groups for breast cancer in men

National Breast Cancer Foundation

2600 Network Blvd.  Suite 300  Frisco  TX   75034

Physical Activity, Wellness & Nutrition

Breast Cancer Support Group     NBCF’s                             donate

Susan G. Komen

Support groups for breast cancer

Breast Implants


National Cancer Institute


Mend Together 

Cleft Palate-craniofacial


(ACPA) American Cleft Palate-craniofacial Association



crisis-text Line

Healthy Place

Recover Your Life

Reach Out   Ages 14-25

S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self Abuse Finally Ends)



American Diabetes Association


the Diabetes Site

Centers for Disease Control


The International Dermal Institute

Postgraduate Education in Professional Skincare

1535 Beachey Place, Carson, CA 90746



National Eczema Association

National Eczema Society

Zainab Danjuna on YouTube

Just a regular girl from London, with an itch that needed to be scratched (Eczema)


Glaucoma Research Foundation accessed 01/24/2021

Glaucoma UK accessed 01/24/2021

links to the site are encouraged & permission is not required

International Glaucoma Association accessed 01/24/2021

The Glaucoma Foundation accessed 01/24/2021

online discussion group (APUP) Adult Patients Under Pressure

info on clinical Glaucoma trails

The National Eye Health Education Program accessed 01/24/2021

Hearing Loss Association of America

Homepage - Hearing Loss Association of America

A charitable organization for those with hearing loss.


National HIV/AIDS Hotline

(800) 342-2437

(800) 344-7432 (Spanish)


Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

International Hyperhidrosis Society


My Life as a Puddle

Maria Thomas blog launched in 2011 to raise hope and awareness one drop at a time.


Lupus Foundation of America

Working to improve quality of life for those with lupus.

Lupus Information Packet


Lupus Research Alliance

Largest nongovernmental, nonprofit funder of lupus research worldwide. Advancing scientific research for a cure.

US in Lupus

Support lupus patients in US

Lyme disease

U.S. National Lyme disease

(The U.S. National Lyme disease ( has given permission for this listing). 09/15/2020

Lyme disease association

research, education, prevention and patient support


Cure Today

Stories of Lose and Survival with Melanoma

Melanoma Research Foundation

Melanoma Research Alliance

Find stories of patients and survivors.


Skin Cancer Foundation

Through the Lens


North American Menopause Society

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes and not for diagnosis. More details.

Men's Health

Men’s  Health Network


Movember Foundation

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Multiple Sclerosis

National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Association of Professional Piercers

Home…    (By State directory)


The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations SWEDEN

National Psoriasis Foundation

(National Psoriasis Foundation has given permission for this listing though it was not needed.) 09/14/2020

Helpline 800-723-9166  support for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Chronic Pain Kit for tips and resources to help you:      (Free beneath the surface kit)

The Psoriasis Association



International Rosacea Foundation

National Rosacea Society

This organization has been around many years, doing research and providing information pertaining to rosacea. I was once on the newsletter mailing list.

(National Rosacea Society has given permission for this listing). 06/11/2020

Rosacea Support this is a support forum started Oct 1998 by David Pascoe. The website also contains information on rosacea.

Talonted Lex

another rosacean who has a blog

Rosacea-Skin Positivity-Beauty

Home - Talonted Lex

Advice Support Community

Skin Camouflage

British Association of Dermatologist


British Association of Skin Camouflage

Skin Cancer offers Robins Nest program for support and guidance to help you through your skin cancer diagnosis.



OHBAAT (One Human at a Time)

"Turning your New Normal into the ideal life". A religious based site to support your life after Post Corona. "Personal Media".

Thyroid Conditions

American Thyroid Association

a public site accessed 01/11/2021

If a description is to be provided with the link, ATA® would prefer the following wording:

The American Thyroid Association® (ATA)® , founded in 1923 as the American Goiter Association, is a nonprofit professional medical society comprised of physicians and scientists dedicated to enhancing the understanding of thyroid physiology and pathophysiology, improving diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, and promoting the education of physicians, patients, and the public about thyroid disorders.

In the 95 years of its existence, the ATA has grown to more than 1500 clinicians and research scientists in the field of thyroidology. Thyroid diseases are among the most common disorders of the endocrine system, affecting almost 13 million Americans alone. Advances in understanding the causes and improving the clinical management of thyroid diseases are evolving at a rapid pace in the current era of biomedical discovery.

Hypothyroid Mom

mom blogging about hypothyroidism                     accessed 01/09/2021

Thyroid Federation International   accessed 01/09/2021



My Vitiligo Support Team

MyVitiligoTeam is not a medical referral site and does not recommend or endorse any particular Provider or medical treatment.
No information on MyVitiligoTeam should be construed as medical and/or health advice.


Wound Care

British Association

for support My Wound

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