Skincare for Spring

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Skincare for Spring

Spring is here! Well that’s what the calendar said March 20th. We had a couple nice days here in WI. Due to the corona virus I’ve been making some life style changes. As I am sure you are. I know this has not been a welcome one.  

Whether you are home with the kids or alone. Working at home or maybe you are an essential worker (and I appreciate you!) like myself that still goes into work. This has brought a lot of stress and changed the way we go about our routines. 

During this time don’t forget to embrace what the season offers. The robins are back. We hope soon the grass will be green along with buds popping on the trees. I see people out walking and getting some fresh air. (please practice Social Distancing) Others walking their dog or bike riding. Enjoy getting out in nature, if you can. Hopefully forget this crisis for a few moments. It may be awhile but we will get through this. It will be OK. Stop and smell the flowers that Spring brings. 

Spring Brings 

Spring also brings fresh produce. Maybe you have asparagus outside your door. There are more greens, peas, rhubarb and others. As always and at this time it is important to eat healthy and boost our immune system. Maybe you have a local farmers market and can help support your community. It wouldn’t hurt to take supplements. 

Like I mentioned before, flowers are in bloom. Who isn’t happy seeing the pretty colors? We can get outdoors and get some fresh air. (please practice social distancing). Open a window or door. 

Preparing Skin for Warmer Weather 

As the season changes our skin may go into shock (And all the new stress doesn’t help). You may notice your skin feels greasy and heavy. As we prepare for more sun and humidity this can increase our skin’s production of oil. We don’t want to have clogged pores so it is necessary to exfoliate and remove the dead skin layer. 

With the change in season it is always a good idea to visit your esthetician for a facial and update your skincare routine. Having a makeover at a local beauty counter to check out lighter shades is good too. *That is if this darn coronavirus wasn’t around. So, this will have to wait. 

Since salon/spas are closed and we are told to “stay home”, pamper yourself with a facial and relax. It is essential to practice stress management. There are many moisturizing mask and other body mask that you may purchase next time you are out. And you might try some eye cream also if you have fine lines here. Try the dollar store. 

You may also purchase some pretty pastel eye shadow or a brighter lip color. This may perk you up a bit. We can always look good, right. 

Don’t forget to spring clean your make-up products. Anything over 6 months old needs to be replaced. And we have these new seasonal colors to look forward to. Now lighter make-up shades are out.  

Don’t forget to wash out those make-up brushes too which can store germs and viruses. 

Spring Can Also Bring Allergies 

And if you are one that suffers from seasonal allergies, spring unfortunately brings these too. With trees, grass and weeds come pollen and for some this means hay fever (aka allergic rhinitis). There is also allergic asthma. These cause red eyes, itchy rash, sneezing and runny nose. 

Allergies are a hypersensitivity of our body to an allergen. Some common allergens are inhalants (such as dust, mold and fungi), foods, drugs, chemicals and environment (seasonal change). 

Our body goes into defense mold by releasing histamine and other chemicals. These chemicals can result in symptoms like that nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching, burning, swelling and diarrhea. And these further can affect the appearance of our skin. 

Common conditions would be hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), allergic sinusitis, bronchial asthma, urticaria (hives) eczema (7 Subtypes of Eczema) and food, drug or venom (insect bite) allergies. These could be mild to severe and life threatening. 

I have always had sinus issues, constant runny nose. Can’t leave home without kleenex. A lot of kleenex use can result in irritated skin. Applying moisturizer often, can help (as long as it doesn’t contain alcohol, this may burn). Aloe vera is good for calming skin.  

Allergy Treatments 

Allergies cannot be cured but there is treatment using antihistamines, bronchial dilators and corticosteroids. 

Some medication may cause drowsiness and it is important to keep the side effects in mind. Decongestant to relieve stuffy nose. Nasal allergy spray for runny nose. Allergy eye drops for itchy, red eyes. 

Taking a series of injections to desensitize could be recommended for building immunity to the allergy. 

Prescribed Epinephrine pens may be carried for self-administration. If the antigen can be identified (allergy test) it can be eliminated from the diet or surroundings. 

Most allergies tend to be inherited. The most common allergy is fragrance. And so many of our products these days include fragrance. Not good for Rosacea (Rosacea, My Face). We seem to be so addicted to having these items we feel smell good. Maybe it’s a comfort thing. 

As always, when we feel good and our other systems are working well our skin benefits. 

Other Suggestions 

*Don’t confuse allergies with coronavirus. If this is common for you and comes back every year, it’s probably your allergies. If in doubt check with your doctor.  

  • Stay hydrated 
  • Get your Vitamin C 
  • Get your rest 
  • Using a neti pot may reduce the mucus and help with congestion and runny nose 
  • Steam can help relieve sinus pressure and remove some mucous 
  • Taking a hot shower opens nasal passages and washes away pollen you might have brought in on hair and skin. 
  • Don’t forget to launder clothes when coming indoors, this removes pollen collected 
  • You may want to invest in Hepa-filters for your home 
  • For itchy eyes applying a cold compress will give some relief. Maybe you have seen these eye mask that you can throw in freezer. They are good for swelling and puffiness from sinus pressure. 

Taking care of the allergy will improve your skin. 


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