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Skincare Routine for Men the Differences Type Getting Started

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Last updated 12/20/2023

Reports are that some men still don’t follow a skin care regime. Maybe you slacked off with the pandemic or you just never began one. Skincare routine for men.

OK I am talking specifically to you guys this post. Caring for your skin isn’t something you just use when a blemish arrives. Most importantly, it should be followed daily for YOUR skin not your girlfriends.

No matter your gender it’s beneficial to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin. Product ingredients aren’t specifically made for male or female. Thus, ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C are just as effective for both men and women.

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Men and Women Skin Differences

Skin Thickness

Studies found skin thickness can vary between men but generally the rate is the same. And the reason why genders get wrinkles differently.

Our male counterparts get fewer fine lines. But they tend to have deeper wrinkles. Collagen in men reduces at a slower pace. Women are especially affected after menopause.


The tiny openings in your skin are called pores. Pores are essential for letting your body release sweat, oil and toxins via your skin.

Men have larger and more prominent pores because their sebaceous glands are more active. Therefore, their sebum (oil) production is almost twice as much compared to women.

And guys keep the same sebum production throughout their life. But for women these decrease with age.


Males have more collagen density. And this plays a major role in determining the thickness of our skin between genders. Collagen density is responsible for signs of aging occurring faster in women versus men the same age.

The signs of aging come later with men. But when this takes place, it happens quickly. Guys usually develop sagging skin, puffy eyes and dark circles giving them a fatigued appearance.

Sun exposure is a major culprit in skin aging. Rarely do we see men actually taking precautions such as wearing sunscreen and sunglasses. Furthermore, UV rays chalk up a few more years guys on your skin.

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Facial Hair

The considerable difference between our overall appearances is men have the ability to grow facial hair. This is due to testosterone. And they express themselves with a wide variety of mustaches and beards.

But don’t neglect that skin beneath the hair. You may think it is protected however, there may still be issues.


Did you know men have more lactic acid in their sweat? This is a natural humectant for your skin. In other words, it gives the ability to hold moisture.

So, male skin usually looks more hydrated than female skin. Fellas have less of a pH level compared to women.


It has been observed that women have consistently shown lighter skin color versus men in the same population. The pigmentation difference is due to females normally need high amounts of calcium during pregnancy and lactation. Thus, females require enough vitamin D and calcium for their fetus during pregnancy.

Skin pH

With both genders the highest skin pH is the cheeks. The foreheads of women and hands with men are the lowest pH. Furthermore, pH value in men goes up with age.

Skin Texture

At least women are softer and smoother in comparison. Men can feel rough and dry with facial hair and weekly shaving. In other words, guys have a tougher texture because of the testosterone.

Skincare Routine for Men Type

So, addressing the fellas looking to begin their skin care routine the first thing is to know your skin type. This helps determine what products you should use. To sum up, how your skin appears without doing anything to it.

Basic Skin types are:

  • Dry - small pores, tight feeling, no oil during the day
  • Normal - doesn’t get oily usually doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable
  • Oily - large pores, builds up oil during the day, usually around the nose and forehead

Skin Concerns

If you have seen a dermatologist, you may have been diagnosed with rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. Most importantly, there are products to address these concerns.

You could also be concerned about breakouts, aging, dark spots or redness. These would require treatment products to care for.

The 3 Basic Step SkinCare Routine

Until this becomes second nature to you a list can be taped to your bathroom mirror. That way it’s available for reference.


Step one sounds simple enough, right? You wash your face morning and night. Most importantly, this is done to remove toxins, oils and bacteria from your face.

Plus, cleansing paves the surface for other products, you apply. This allows them to be absorbed and to work efficiently.

Types of Cleansers


Soaps used to be highly alkaline which dried the skin and striped away its acid mantle. But today many lines offer plant based. That is to say, containing natural hydrating ingredients. Typically, soaps are for oily skin.


A foamy liquid will clean without stripping the skin of your protective oils. These are more for sensitive or dry skin types.


A gel cleanser can be used for oilier skin types. If you are acne prone use a product with salicylic acid to assist with treating blemishes.

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How to Clean Your Face

So, to begin wet your face with warm water. A nickel size amount of product can be rubbed between fingertips. With the lather activated you can use circular strokes on your face and above the collar bone for around 30 seconds.

In short, for a beard take an additional 15 seconds working lather into your skin. Use your finger pads to take a more forceful approach moving up and down with the hair. Further, rinse off with warm water and pat skin dry with your towel.


The purpose of a toner is to balance your skin’s pH after cleansing. However, this step seems to be skipped often. In a way toner is like using a primer before you paint.

For acne or ingrown hairs, a toner with high amounts of lactic or salicylic acid can be invaluable. Get this in combination with soothing ingredients like aloe vera. Likewise, for dry skin toner can aid in restoring moisture. For concerns of aging or dark spots you could search for ingredients with AHA, BHA or glycolic acid.

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Types of Toners


Astringents are made for oily skin and usually contain alcohol to dissolve the excess oil.


Fresheners are for normal to dry skin. Therefore, alcohol-free to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

How to Use Toner

Usually, toner is applied to a cotton ball and swiped over the whole facial and neck area. Cotton balls are inexpensive and widely available. However, you can also use facial wipes or pads.


Your moisturizer is responsible for hydrating your skin by locking in moisture. As your final step you could choose two different products. For example, the AM a light moisturizer could be used preferably including a SPF of at least 30 before you head outside.

You want to protect your skin during the day from the sun. To sum up, a rich moisturizer like a night cream could be applied while your skin rejuvenates that doesn’t clog pores.

How to use Moisturizer

Use a nickel size amount of moisturizer on your fingertips than rub between your hands. Swipe this in quick movements across your forehead, down cheeks and along neck. Thus, cover your face until the product is absorbed into your skin.

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Additional Skincare Products

Once you become more comfortable you can add these to your routine if you need. Not knowing what product does what, can be intimidating. So, here is a guide to help.


Depending on your skincare needs or concerns you could be interested in these treatment products. Serums contain active ingredients and nutrients. In conclusion, if you are a beginner one that addresses a variety of issues is most beneficial.

These normally include hydrating and skin building ingredients. Further, serums can be applied twice a day after your cleanser and before your moisturizer. Certainly, you could rotate between different concerns, example: hydrating versus age spots.


You can use a mask at home to target special concerns. The best one for you guys beginning a skin care regime is clay. Above all, clay and mud are used to deeply cleanse your pores of built-up dirt, oil and debris.

A mask is applied for a longer time. Thus, allowing it to do its work. Moreover, they can exfoliate or hydrate and can be used once or twice a week.


This is a form of vitamin A used to support new skin cells and prevent aging. Retinol can be a harsh ingredient on skin. As a result, skin becomes dry and flakey so don’t overdo.

In addition, it can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Certainly, don’t forget your sunscreen. Furthermore, this is a treatment product to apply after washing and before applying your other face products.

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Facials for Men

Yes guys get facials too! The process is basically the same, if you have facial hair, it may present a bit of a challenge. Therefore, be sure to mention this when you schedule your facial.

Having a beard, mustache and shaving may arrive with other issues. Still skin demands to be healthy under there. As well as keeping this hair growth looking good.

Don’t neglect your skin. Inquire the esthetician for suggestions. After all don’t you desire healthy skin?

Wrapping it up

You guys also have skin care concerns and needs. And you should tailor your products for your particular skin type. Above all, having a regular skincare routine will address these issues and leave healthy skin.


Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fifteen years.

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