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We saw the Star Wars movie, Rise of Skywalker, last week. One of those movies you should experience on the big screen because of all the special effects. I’m not one for all the loud sounds but once I get into the characters of Rey and Kylo Ren it’s a trip to their world of this other galaxy far away. And it helps if you have followed the series of other movies before.

So it’s about two hours away from world problems with the theater’s buttered popcorn (because microwave is just not the same) and a huge drink and oh lounge chairs now.

Bad side, now we have to take the time to reserve a seat. No more spur of the moment if you want a good seat.

I do like going to see a movie with the big screen but it does have its draw backs. And when it comes to stress relief it’s not as good as reading a book. (Reading Away Stress).

Movies We Relate to

It is so easy to relate to a movie. Characters that share our problem or insecurities can be comforting, just knowing others have gone thru this. Or watching a situation that you have experienced and seeing how it is worked out on the screen.

Seeing scenery from a place you have visited may bring back favorite memories. Or hearing a song played from your past while you shared a time with a loved one. These can all strike our heart chords and make us feel good and relaxed.

Maybe there is an all-time favorite movie that you like to return to. During the Christmas season It’s a Wonderful Life! (Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed) is played a lot. A classic story that reminds us that we all matter. All the lives each of us touches even thou we may not realize it. It’s a feel good movie.

During the holidays I also like Christmas with the Kranks. Then there is the classis National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (with Chevy Chase). A guy that is so obsessed with his lights and making Christmas perfect. (Talk about stressed). Christmas is a great time to go see a movie and take a break from everything for a couple hours. And there are so many family movies.

I have watched Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. dozens of times, just because I love the romance between them. The dance scene is pretty hot along with that classic Garth Brook song. I have cried during a couple scenes, when Harry’s character talks to the nephew after the grandmother’s funeral (so touching). This movie brings comfort knowing everything will work out.

There are comedies after all laughter is the best medicine. Laughing makes us feel better. Disney’s Pet Life and the movies with the minions always make us laugh.


But sometimes we may feel like a good cry just to get it out of our system. And a sad movie or one that just touches you in that way can relieve that emotion. And you can blame it on the movie if you feel embarrassed or unsure.

Just find a movie, characters and/or a situation that interests you. I have read were studies have shown that horror or big action films may not be the best thing for relieving stress, some may feel more anxious afterwards. But maybe it depends on the individual. If it takes your mind off your problems it could be worth it. Friends and acquaintances are always good for giving suggestions. A good conversation is talking about the last movie you saw.

On A Budget

I really don’t go to the theater that much probably mostly about the cost. Paying for a ticket, finding a parking spot and buying buttered popcorn (it does taste good and is addicting). For me it kinda adds to the anxiety, just me thou.

I do prefer to watch in the comfort of my own home. My own lounge chair with my lap kitty. The bathrooms aren’t far away and the movie can be put on pause.

No other voices to content with or people running up and down stairs during the movie. (I just tell myself to concentrate on the movie, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t).

We usually rent from RedBox and we can reserve and preview movies anytime. We usually reserve movies ahead to be picked up after work. You can sign up for RedBox online. It cost nothing to sign up. Kiosks are located just about everywhere. You will see the red box at most Wal-Mart and Walgreens stores. It is $1.75 a day for a DVD and $2 a day for a Blu-ray. After watching the movie you can just return at any Kiosks location. Talk about convenience, you don’t have to return where you live or where you picked up the rental, say you’re out doing errands, just drop in one of the RedBox kiosk at a location on your trip.

We also watch movies on Netflix and Roku if you have this streaming device.

You can also rent movies at your local library if you have a library card.

All these choices. We will be watching movies tonight with dinner. Get your popcorn or whatever strikes your fancy and see a movie this weekend and forget about your worries for a while.

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