Under Eye Bags Dark Circles Causes Improvement doing these

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Have you been noticing under eye bags and dark circles more above your mask? While wearing a mask now this area is put out there. Add to this the anxiety making some toss and turn at night (me), with working from home and the home schooling.

Some TikTok users are actually embracing there’s. I guess it’s a new trend on the social media platform. These users are taking shades of eye shadow and eyeliner to create dark circles under their eye in an attempt to make the dark circle the normal look.

If you are still not interested in going with this following are some suggestion to help.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes and not for diagnosis. More details.

What causes Under Eye Bags?

Under eye bags may be the result after a good cry (you know touching movie but you don’t want the whole world to know) or a late night. Sometimes they are stubborn with just going away.

Your under eye bags may be puffy and swollen looking or just rolls of excess skin there. Usually, they are nothing to be concerned about. But I understand your feeling of esthetics. This can affect your self-esteem and self-conscious.

Those under eye bags could also be telling you about your unhealthy habits. You should consult your doctor if you experience swelling that is:

  • Severe
  • Painful
  • Itchy
  • Won’t go away

Common causes of Under Eye Bags

Sleep problems. As you sleep fluid accumulates beneath your eyes in the tissue. When you’re not getting enough sleep this can result with your blood vessels leaking and mixing with those fluids presenting dark circles.

Allergies and sinus conditions. As well as having a stuffy nose allergies make the sinus tissue swell. This can look like puffiness under your eyes.

Smoking. The nicotine in tobacco interferes with your normal sleep pattern. This will cause fluids to collect beneath your eyes.

Smoking also makes substances that affect the elasticity and collagen of your skin breaking down its firmness.

Alcohol use. Although it is a liquid it is known to dehydrate skin through drinking it as well as applying it directly on your skin in products.

If you are dehydrated your under eye skin, turns flabby and weak, causing those bags.

Aging. Through the aging process muscles and tissues become weak. Fat that normally supports your eyes can sink beneath causing a swollen appearance. Fluids can collect here too. Even more if you enjoy a lot of salty foods.

Eating salty foods. If you like eating salty foods your body will retain fluids and these collect beneath your eyes. However, you will need to drink more water to flush these toxins out.

Not completely removing makeup. If you’re not taking ALL your makeup off before you sleep, it may irritate delicate under eye tissue making it swell.

Sun exposure. Too much sun can also damage your skin. It affects skin cells and the collagen responsible for keeping the skin under your eyes firm.

Genes. With some people under eye bags just run in the family and they’re not going to go away. Chances are if your mom or dad has them you will too. But on the other hand with a bit of makeup you can take care of this.

What causes Dark Circles under Eyes?

Similar to your under eye bags dark circles can be the result of many factors. It can be the process of aging with the loss of volume resulting in deeper tear troughs.

There can be excess hyperpigmentation connected to ethnic groups like Asians are more prone due to genetics. Some also have a family history that includes puffy lower eyelids from fat prolapse.

Dark circles can also indicate conditions concerning your health. They are one of the first signs that pop up when you are not getting enough:

under eye bags
under eye bags photo by Kevin Bidwell from pexels

How to Improve Under Eye Bags

It may not be possible to eliminate under eye bags, especially if they are hereditary but you can improve the appearance through lifestyle changes and makeup tricks.

Enough sleep. Getting enough sleep for your age can help your under eye bags as well as make you feel better. Adding an extra pillow to lift your head may help fluids drain away from that eye area.

Managing allergies and sinus conditions. Follow a medical treatment for your allergies that work. This will help relieve swelling of your sinuses and under your eyes. In addition, help to decrease other symptoms such as headaches, sneezing and runny nose.

Stop smoking. It’s not easy to quit this habit from what I’ve been told. There are programs out there. Check with your health insurance for help. This will improve your eye look as well as your overall health.

Reduce alcohol. Drinking more water instead will flush out toxics like salt and improve the appearance of under eye bags.

Check your diet. Consume less salty foods. Salt has been linked as a cause of under eye bags. This will help decrease the puffiness under your eyes and less salt in your diet is good for heart health.

Salt intake should be in moderation. Your body needs to work at getting rid of this. So for your health limit the salt.

Wash your face. At the end of your day completely remove all makeup with the appropriate cleanser for your skin type. You might consider adding an eye cream or serum to your nightly routine.

Your skin will restore itself overnight allowing the serum enough time to do its job.

Watch that sun exposure. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and reapply as often as indicated. Avoid direct sunlight and seek shade if possible. Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays with sunglasses and a wide brim hat. The hat will also protect your skin (a two for 1 deal).

How to Improve Dark Circles under Eyes

These can also banish with lifestyle improvements and makeup concealment.

Enough sleep. Ideally, you should have a regular routine with going to bed and getting up at the same times each day. Avoiding caffeine in the evening and spending less time on devices would also help.

Stay hydrated. Water also encourages blood flow and plumps dehydrated skin that appears very thin and fragile. When your skin is hydrated being plump creates more volume and your dark circles are less noticeable.

Retinol for dark circles. We all know that retinol is great for anti-aging in preventing wrinkles but it can also help treat dark circles.

Using a retinol eye serum will really help to stabilize melanocytes to prevent that hyperpigmentation. Plus it provides thickening of the dermis improving its texture, smoothing lines and hiding those purplish undertones.

Caffeine treatment. Your morning cup of Joe isn’t the only way to make you more alert. Caffeine products can be applied to your under eye area encouraging vasoconstriction (when your blood vessels constrict under the eyes) this can reduce puffiness.

Vitamin deficiency. Having a vitamin deficiency of B12 in your diet can be linked to dark circles. If this is the case, incorporate more oily fish, eggs and milk if possible or add a dietary supplement.

A rich vitamin C serum will also help dark circles. Vitamin C contains super antioxidant protection to fight free radical damage resulting from stress and causing your dark circles.

under eye bags close up
under eye bags close up photo by Leonid Danilov from pexels

Makeup Tips to Conceal Under Eye Bags

Are you trying to conceal puffy eye bags? Makeup is used to contour your face by emphasizing light and dark. For example; with eye shadow you create shadow and highlight to lighten other areas.

You can also apply this same idea under your eyes. You will need a darker shade for depth and a shade that matches your skin tone. Using the lighter concealer place a series of dots right under your eye.

You can pat the concealer in with your ring finger, it has the less strength. If you use a brush or sponge don’t pull the skin as you pat.

Apply the slightly darker concealer below your eye bag. (Have you tried the ice roller?) Do the same method with patting this into skin for a nice natural look.

Makeup Tips to Conceal Dark Circles Under eye

Are you trying to conceal those dark circles? It’s a frustrating skincare woe even if the deep purple half-moons are harmless.

For dark circles here try color correcting and concealing. A color correcting product such as Vichys Dermablend Colour Corrector in Apricot (yellow hue) will counterbalance blue undertones beneath your eyes.

Apply a few dots of the color corrector in the area of your inner corner next to the tear duct which is normally the darkest and requires more brightening. You can lightly pat the product in with your ring finger (I use a small makeup sponge).

The product can be spread about half way under the eye (be careful don’t tug skin). Follow with the concealer to cover and along the rest of the under eye area. Gently pat and avoid rubbing the products off.


Wrapping it up

Improving healthy habits such as drinking more water, getting enough sleep, caring for allergies, stop smoking, reducing alcohol use, taking care of eye area and staying out of the sun can noticeably improve the appearance of your under eye bags and dark circles.

Always completely remove your makeup each day. Make sure to moisturize this delicate area for easier application of makeup products.

Using different shades of concealer to contour creating shadows and highlighting will give an illusion drawing away from the problem. Makeup tricks can help to conceal things that just won’t go away or when you have a little too much fun.

Have you seen the TikTok videos? Is this the new trend?

Header Photo female with under eye bags makeup on by Laura Garcia from pexels

Mary is the founder of All About Our Skin. Former esthetician and CPC. Enjoys researching skincare and has been studying our skin for the past fourteen years.
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