Jaw Tension Other Areas Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatment TMJ

young male holding his jaw jaw tension

Jaw Tension Other Areas Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatment TMJ luiz-rogerio-nunes-XEQAQwaAAC0-unsplash My dentist told me years ago that I grind my teeth at night. Occasionally I find myself clenching my teeth in situations. As a result I suffer with joint soreness wondering of other issues with jaw tension. I know it’s due to stress and I …

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Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Know the Problems

classroom of young children with teacher at blackboard children's eye health

Children’s eye health the kiddies are heading back to school or have already, don’t forget to have their eyes checked. Make an appointment.

Shampoo or Soap in Eyes Chemical Flushing Treatment

bar of soap and scrubber shampoo and soap in eyes

It burns, it burns, and it burns. I live in an apartment building. The toilet is flushed downstairs when I’m in the shower the water becomes hot, shampoo or soap in my eyes.

Eyes Sunburned Snow Blindness Preventive Advice Photokeratitis

water surfing in wetsuit eyes sunburned

If you have ever watched a solar eclipse without protective eyewear you may have felt it. You probably didn’t think about it much. Yes, you can get sunburned eyes known as photokeratitis.

Scratch to the Eye Causes Symptoms Treating Corneal Abrasion

female holding cat up to her face scratch to the eye

You’re putting on that pretty eyeliner when your cat jumps up and bumps your arm. Many situations can lead to your eye becoming scratched.